NYPD cop shot in the BACK responding to domestic violence call in Brooklyn on Christmas Eve

A POLICE officer in New York City was shot in the back on Christmas Eve while responding to a domestic violence call.

The NYPD said the male officer was shot in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn around 9.15pm.

Local news outlets report that a man who was on his way to his girlfriend's house allegedly told her he had a gun and was going to shoot when he arrived at her home.

As the responding officer arrived at the scene, the boyfriend shot the cop, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

The officer was apparently saved by a Christmas miracle: his bulletproof vest, the Daily News reported.

The cop – who is assigned to the 77th Precinct and is said to have joined the NYPD in 2016 – was taken to Kings County hospital for treatment.

A suspect – and his gun – was taken into custody, according to local reports.

Per the New York Post, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was at the scene.

De Blasio said at a late-night press conference with reporters: "It's Christmas Eve. This is at time when you would expect peace, you would expect harmony.

"A man threatened his girlfriend, threatened her violently, said he was coming to do her harm," the mayor said. "That's what happened tonight in Brooklyn."

"That woman is alive right now because our officer put himself in harm's way, an innocent woman is alive tonight."

Neighbor Everald Richard, 51, told the News he was out walking his dog when he heard gunfire.

“I’m happy they got him, prosecute him to the fullest. I got my family here, it’s not an easy job. They don’t know if they are going home,” Richard said.

“He’s just doing his job. We need more cops here, he comes here to serve and protect and gets shot.”

Aaron Johnson, 39, added: “This is terrible, it’s horrible. A life is a life."

"You got someone trying to do their job and they get shot, it’s just sad man, sad,” he said.

“I hope that he makes it, he probably has a family. He’s a human being just like me.”

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