Pen Farthing and his 200 rescue dogs TRAPPED in Afghanistan with Taliban after UK shuts Kabul airport gates

PEN Farthing is TRAPPED in Afghanistan with the Taliban after it was announced the gates of Kabul's airport have been sealed.

The ex Commando, who has been battling to evacuate his staff and almost 200 rescue animals, was forced to turn away from an evacuation flight yesterday.

He was told President Joe Biden has "changed policy" on who can leave – moments before suicide bombers murdered at least 103 people, including 13 US forces personnel.

And following the horrific blasts, the Ministry of Defence has announced this morning that no one else will be called for evacuation.

The last few hours of the rescue mission will focus on airlifting Brits and Afghans already processed and waiting inside the airfield.

Troops and diplomats will be the last to go.

But Pen, whose bid to save staff, cats and dogs has gripped the UK, isn't at the airport.

However, he told The Sun this morning: "I am going to try again."

However, a top minister warned this morning that Pen may be left behind, despite holding a British passport.

Pen, 69 Afghans and the rescue animals were 300 metres inside the airport perimeter when when the Taliban told the group they couldn't board a jet.

As they were turned back, an ISIS-K suicide bombers targeted civilians and US Marines outside the airport.

Pen last night told of his devastation at the end of 'Operation Ark'.

"We were 300m inside. It had taken 36 hours to achieve that," he said.

"I had all my staff, all dogs and cats 300m inside perimeter.

"We had gone through hell to get there."

However, he was then told that "Biden had changed policy on who's allowed in" – and the Taliban refused to accept paperwork for his staff.

"We were forced to leave the airfield, and just as we did, that's when those attacks happened and then all hell broke loose," he said.

"As we were trying to flee from the airport, we were getting tear-gassed so we were obviously trying to drive the vehicle when we can't see anything.


"It was just the most horrific thing."

He said he believed he'd have to leave on one of the last evacuation flights out of the city – telling reporters: "There's nothing more I can do."

"The staff are telling me it's time for me to go. They don't think a foreigner will be welcome here," he said.

"Staff have asked me to take as many dogs and cats as I can. But now I can't get them past the Taliban check points.

"My mission to get them out of Afghanistan has just ended because Joe Biden stopped it."

However, it's no longer an option for him to get to the airport.

He told The Sun: "We thought we had made it."

And he says he'll try again to get out of the country this morning.

A privately-funded plane had been due to fly from Luton Airport to rescue the group.

But it was cancelled over safety concerns.

One from a country neighbouring Afghanistan was set to be used instead – but pilots say they can't land until Pen is granted entry into the airport.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace admitted in an interview on Good Morning Britain today that the chances of Pen making it out on an RAF plane are slim.

"If he makes his way and we can find him, we will try and put him on a flight," he said.

"I don't know what chances are going to be right now for Pen."


Boris Johnson had vowed to continue with evacuation flights today, despite the horrific attacks.

But in shock news at 4.30am, it was confirmed that no one else will be accepted on a plane.

It means desperate Afghans waiting at the gates – and any Brits who have fallen off the radar – will not be on an RAF flight out of Afghanistan.

At 4.30am 1,000 Brits, Afghans already processed and officials holed up at the Baron Hotel were rushed to the airport for evacuation.

Mr Wallace said in another interview today: "The sad fact is not every single one will get out."

And he said more attacks are expected.

"The threat is obviously going to grow the closer we get to leaving," he told Sky News.

"The narrative is always going to be, as we leave, certain groups such as ISIS will want to stake a claim that they have driven out the US or the UK."

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