Pensioners' fury as builders dump huge mound of soil two-storeys high behind their homes

PENSIONERS are furious after builders dumped a huge mound of soil two-storeys high behind their bungalows.

The elderly residents say the 25ft high “soil bund” has blighted their views of the countryside surrounding their quiet cul-de-sac in Doncaster.

Retired couple Alan Boutell, 73, and his wife Doreen, 63, are among residents who say the mound has "completely ruined" their view.

Some homeowners even believe it has caused house prices to plummet – with one property being placed on the market for £15,000 less than the average for the street.

The mound was constructed in October last year by Gazeley – a developer which is in the process of constructing two huge warehouses on land behind the street.


However, residents of the street have reacted with anger after their landscape view was spoilt because “the pile of muck” is just metres behind their gardens.

Alan, a former digger driver, doesn't understand why the company have left the mound.

He said: "When it was first left, we all thought it would just be temporary. But, nearly six months later, it's still there.

"Nobody can believe it. The company could make it lower or less visible."

Alan's wife Doreen, said she fought the original plans for the construction of the warehouses with other residents on the street.

She said the council ignored the pleas of many of the elderly homeowners.

We used to be able to see the countryside when we sat out in the garden. Now all we can see is a huge pile of muck

Doreen said: "We used to be able to see the countryside when we sat out in the garden.

"Now all we can see is a huge pile of muck."

Bunds are among the most common techniques used in agriculture to collect surface run-off, increase water infiltration and prevent soil erosion.

Alan and Doreen's neighbour John Hotterwell, 69, has been left outraged by the horrific site at the rear of his home.

As John only has a very small garden, he used to enjoy sitting in his bedroom to enjoy the view of horses and countryside.

Due to the huge mud mound being placed directly behind his home, he now says he "can't even see the sky".


John, a retired construction worker who lives with wife Brenda, 69, said: "I used to watch the horses going past the back of the house.

"All I can see when I look outside is soil and pylons. During the winter, it was literally pitch black for months.

"We don't have a view anymore, it is completely ruined."

Roy Sykes, Doncaster Council's Head of Planning, said: "The embankments are designed to act as a noise and visual buffer between residents and the proposed industrial development.

"They have been built to the approved height but following construction we have been made aware that some residents are unhappy with their size.

"We are currently discussing potential alterations which address these concerns as well as ensuring the bunds remain an effective screen to the neighbouring employment use."

A spokesperson for developer Gazeley said: "We have been working with the council to ensure that the construction and bunds have as little of an impact as possible.

"We have been liaising with the Local Planning Authority to discuss the possibility of obtaining a consent for alternative landscaping or potential fencing to deter people from walking on the bunds.

"These discussions are ongoing and we hope to find a solution for residents."

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