Prince Andrew warned speaking to FBI about Epstein links would only dig him deeper into paedo scandal

PRINCE Andrew has been warned speaking to the FBI about his links to shamed paedophile Jeffrey Epstein could prove risky.

A leading lawyer says the under-fire royal should "plead the fifth" unless promised immunity from prosecution in the US.

Former prosecutor Julie Rendelman said she would advise clients to be wary if subpoenaed by a grand jury if there is any possibility they are the subject of an investigation.

“Unless they’re being given immunity, then as an attorney who believes that a client potentially has risk of criminality or criminal liability, I would tell them to plead the fifth,” Rendelman told the Guardian, referring to the right against self-incrimination.

“There’s nothing to be gained by talking to a grand jury without immunity in those circumstances.”

Any decision to even meet with the US authorities would depend on whether or not a client has a “serious risk of facing imminent criminal charges," she added.

If Andrew were successfully served with a subpoena to appear in court he would in theory have to comply.

However, it is far more difficult to physically serve him outside the US – particularly as he is always surrounded by security officers.

In his statement announcing his departure from public duties, the Duke of York said: “Of course, I am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required.”

However, other legal experts have also voiced similar views about the prospect him voluntarily meeting with federal investigators.

“I see the downside to be larger than the upside for him,” said David Weinstein, a former federal prosecutor who now practices white-collar criminal defence at Hinshaw & Culbertson.

“It’s the way the questions are asked, the way he answers the questions.”

Last month we reported on claims the Prince could be forced to given evidence over his shocking relationship with Epstein.

A US lawyer for five of the shamed tycoon's victims is preparing evidence for a legal move which would require he appears in a British court to tell what he knows.

Lisa Bloom said the Prince had been an “enabler”of Epstein’s crimes and should now co-operate in full with the authorities.

And she told the Sunday Times if he won’t testify voluntarily, she is ready to get a court order requiring him to give evidence.

“I hope we don’t have to subpoena him. We certainly could . . . if we determine that he has relevant information to our cases," she said.


"I would fly to the UK and take his deposition. This happens all the time . . . it’s only unusual because it’s Prince Andrew.”

It has already been reported the Prince is preparing to talk to the FBI about Epstein as the palace fears a US court summons is ‘imminent’.

The Duke of York made the unprecedented move of stepping back from public life after a BBC interview about his relationship with the disgraced US financier spectacularly backfired.

Andrew was also hoping to draw a line under allegations made by Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein's "sex slaves" who claimed she had sex with Andrew three times.

She is expected to make new claims abount the royal in an hour-long BBC Panorama special to be screened tonight.

A TV source said: “If people thought Newsnight was a disaster for the duke this is really going to put the cat amongst the pigeons. It is a fantastic programme and will cause ramifications.’’

Andrew has categorically denied allegations he had sex with Virgina when she was 17, and claimed during the interview he was in Pizza Express in Woking during one of the alleged encounters.

But just four days after the "car crash" interview, the Queen summoned her favourite son to Buckingham Palace to strip him of all royal duties.

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