Prince Philip begins 10th day in hospital

Prince Philip begins 10th day in King Edward VII hospital where he will remain for ‘several days’

  • Duke of Edinburgh is expected to remain at hospital for at least rest of this week
  • Philip, 99, is said to be ‘comfortable’ and ‘responding to treatment’ in last update 
  • Son Prince Edward said Philip is ‘a lot better’ but ‘looking forward to getting out’ 
  • Philip was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London last Tuesday evening

The Duke of Edinburgh today began his tenth day in hospital where he is being treated for an infection and is expected to remain for at least the rest of this week.

Prince Philip, 99, was said to have been ‘comfortable’ and ‘responding to treatment’ in the latest update issued by Buckingham Palace on Tuesday afternoon.

His son Prince Edward also said that Philip was ‘a lot better’ but ‘looking forward to getting out’ and the Royal Family were keeping their ‘fingers crossed’ for him. 

The Earl of Wessex thanked well-wishers for their messages of support as it was announced on Tuesday that Philip would spend ‘several days’ more in hospital. 

He was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London last Tuesday evening as a precautionary measure after feeling unwell, and walked into the building unaided.   

The Duke of Edinburgh, pictured in July 2017, is remaining in hospital because of an infection

Police officers patrol outside King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone, London, this morning

Police officers stand outside the hospital this morning where Prince Philip is being treated

At the time, the palace did not disclose the reason for the duke’s admission to the private hospital, but then said this Tuesday he was being treated for an infection.

Edward, who said he had spoken to his father on the phone, suggested the Duke, who is known for his ‘no fuss’ attitude, was a little frustrated at remaining in hospital. 

The palace said on Tuesday: ‘The Duke of Edinburgh remains at King Edward VII’s Hospital where he is receiving medical attention for an infection. He is comfortable and responding to treatment but is not expected to leave hospital for several days.’

Edward was asked about his father by Sky News’ royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills, while she was filming a separate interview with him his Bagshot Park home in Surrey.

He replied: ‘He’s a lot better, thank you very much indeed, and he’s looking forward to getting out, which is the most positive thing, so we keep our fingers crossed.’ 

Police officers stand at the entrance to King Edward VII Hospital in London this morning

Police officers walk past the entrance to King Edward VII Hospital where Philip was admitted

Asked whether Philip, who turns 100 in June, was frustrated to be in hospital, Edward laughed and replied: ‘Just a bit.

‘I think that gets to all of us, and then you can only watch the clock so many times and the walls are only so interesting.

‘We’ve had some brilliant and lovely messages from all sorts of people and we really appreciate that and so does he, I’ve been passing them on. It’s fantastic, thank you.’

Philip was initially due to spend a few days under medical care for ‘observation and rest’, but last Friday it emerged he was likely to remain in hospital into this week. 

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