Psychic claims he spoke to Gabby Petito's ghost in bizarre 'spirit box' video as spooky audio may 'reveal how she died'

A PSYCHIC has claimed he may have communicated with Gabby Petito's ghost and thus has new information about her death, as well as other revealing details.

Joshua Louis filmed the alleged supernatural encounter with the 22-year-old vlogger on September 19, a day after her body was found in Wyoming.

He used a a "spirit box," which he says can capture the voice of those who have passed, for the session.

At the beginning of the session a distorted voice can be heard saying "Summer of love."

"Can we reach Gabby Petito? I'm going to focus on her," says Louis as he tries to connect with Petito's spirit.

"I see her… I see like there was a head wound or something, there was some kind of trauma to the head," Louis adds.

"This is tough," replies the voice after Louis asks, "who killed you?"

"Don't wanna accept… this sucks," the voice continues.

Then it adds: "He did it…with paddle… enjoyed."

When Louis once again asks what happened to Petito, the voice replies "boy is rotten… He left me before I gave [inaudible]."

"He hurt me… does he know I'm dead?"

When asked if she's afraid, the voice replies: "He's dead."

Louis then asks if there is anything the voice purported to be Gabby would like to share about Brian Laundrie.

"He is scared… Brian was sneaky… he deserved," the voice responds.

"This is me. Share it," the voice concludes when asked if there is anything else she'd like to add.

"Eyes were shut. He knew what's up… before we slept… I know where he is… want to stay here with me?"

At one point another voice is heard saying: "He was going to Canada."

On September 18, Louis, who calls himself a "spirit communicator, medium and after-life researcher" had another session with "the spirit guides" when Petito was still missing to get answers on her whereabouts.

Then, a voice appeared to tell the psychic "she's dead" when Louis asked if her "body is lying somewhere."

"Brian escaped," the voice adds.

Louis' video on his HOPE Paranormal YouTube channel has been seen nearly 150,000 times since being posted on September 20.

On the video's description he says of the session: "whether or not we can confirm it was indeed Gabby coming through, the responses were nothing short of amazing."

Louis told the Sun how he allegedly communicates with spirits through his "spirit box."

"I’m able to get them to come through my devices, I use a number of them. What I do is use chopped up bits of human sound, indiscernible clips so small there are no words. I then feed that raw sound through my speaker with reverb added.

"This gives a soul raw sound to use and form their own responses. It works exceptionally well as you were able to see. This is known as the HVSM (Hope voice signature method)."

When asked by the Sun how sure he could be that he indeed communicated with Gabby, Louis said it "is impossible to fully know if the person we are intending to speak to is indeed who is coming through."

"But what I have found after years of doing these sessions, the answers are normally correct. Often with detailed info only the deceased person would know. 

He added: "Everything I do is 100% real and I try to show transparency in what I’m doing. Anyone who dares to fake this kind of work is a terrible human being. What I do, I do with love and respect."

Gabby had been missing since late August and on September 21, 2021, it was announced that she died as a result of murder after being found in Wyoming.

Her father Joseph Petito, posted a touching tribute to his daughter on Instagram amid authority’s news of finding remains matching Gabby's.


Authorities are still searching for Brian Laundrie who remains a person of interest.

Police, FBI agents, and K9s started searching the 24,000-acre nature reserve during the weekend without success.

The reserve is believed to be infested with alligators, poisonous snakes and mosquitoes and has thick foliage which complicates the search.

However, on Wednesday divers with an underwater recovery team were called to the reserve, Sarasota Sheriff’s Office told a local reporter.


In a TikTok video, camper Jessica Schultz said she and her pals noticed Gabby Petito's white Ford Transit van several times at Spread Creek between August 22-29.

Schultz said she saw the vehicle on August 26 and 27 – days after Gabby had told her family that she and her fiancé Brian Laundrie had reached Grand Teton National Park.

She also claimed she spotted it a third time after being left surprised that its owners had seemingly not been asked to move it to a parking spot, The San Francisco Chronicle reports.


The FBI released the last text sent from Gabby's phone which used the word "Stan" which internet sleuths claim is a codeword for 'danger'.

In the August 27 text to her parents, the vlogger wrote: "Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls."

Gabby's grandfather is called Stan – and it appears she is talking about him.

Despite this, social media users claim Stan is a reference to the Eminem song in which a male partner tied up his pregnant girlfriend before killing her.

Gabby's mother said "Stan" was meant to refer to Petito's grandfather, but since she rarely calls him by that name, she found the text "odd."

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