Sausage n' egg pasta and black bean tortillas among bizarre McDonald's breakfasts from around the world

SAUSAGE N'Egg pasta and black bean tortillas are among the most bizarre McDonald's breakfasts served up around the world.

The fast food chain is clearly keen to cater for its local customers, mixing classic breakfast sandwiches with authentic twists.

China: Sausage N'Egg Twisty Pasta

In Hong Kong, fast food fans can start their day with a huge bowl of noodles.

The dish includes eggs, sausage and hot chicken in a salty broth.

Canada: Plain Bagel with Nutella

For those craving sugar first thing in the morning, Canadian McDonald's chains serve up a sweet bagel dripping in Nutella.

The bagel can be plain, but customers have the option of choosing one with sesame seeds or raisins.

Italy: Brioche

Italian customers will be able to pick up a brioche packed to the rim with melted chocolate, cream and jam.

But you do have the option to have a plain bagel with a dusting of icing sugar on top.

Mexico: McMolletes

A mollete is an open sandwich.

In Mexico, the breakfast sandwich is topped with a slice of melted cheese, fried beans and Mexican sauce on the side.

Turkey: Breakfast platter

McDonald's fans in Turkey are able to enjoy a rather healthy meal.

A platter includes an English muffin, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, eggs and cheese feta cubes.

New Zealand: Big Brekkie Beef Burger

This mighty beef burger is rammed with egg, cheese, a hash brown and a healthy serving of lean back bacon.

United Arab Emirates: Halloumi Muffin

The McMuffin is not served toasted, in an apparent bid to keep the meal light and fresh.

Customers will enjoy a fresh slice of tomato, lettuce, olive paste and halloumi cheese.

Spain: Toast with olive oil and tomatoes

This breakfast dish appears more like a snack, but it may keep the pounds off!

Customers will get two slices of crispy toast, garnished with chopped tomatoes and virgin oil.

India: Veg McMuffin

This veggie-friendly dish features a warm toasted English muffin filled with cheese and a patty made from corn and spinach.

United Kingdom: Bacon Roll

Better than a 'Bacon Butty' this simple but tasty sandwich consists of a lightly crusted roll, lapped with butter, a dab of HP sauce and hot slices of lean back bacon.

Brit customers are given the choice of HP sauce or ketchup, and whether they want fully toasted bread.

Poland: Kajzerka

This chicken burger looks more like a lunchtime snack, but the roll garnished with multi grains, is filled with fresh vegetables and crispy chicken.

Austria: Viennese breakfast

The oven-fresh bread rolls are rammed with ham and cheese.

But Austrian customers do get the choice to make the crusty rolls, sweet with jam and butter.

Germany: McToast and Ham

Germany's breakfast menu appears to be filled with a number of McToasts instead of classic rolls and bagels.

The bread is more of a toasted flatbread, and in this dish, is packed with thinly sliced bacon, egg, cheese and tomatoes.

Russia: Breakfast rolls

These sweet treats do not look like they should be part of a 'typical' breakfast menu.

The mini rolls are filled with a mix of cottage cheese, raisins and dried apricot chunks.

Costa Rico: McPinto Deluxe

This calorific meal might just be the perfect way to start your day.

With a healthy serving of scrambled eggs, the McPinto is made of hot black beans, rice, tortillas and a creamy sweet mustard sauce.

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