Savvy mum transforms clapped out caravan into chic studio for just £7

A DIY genius mum-of-two has transformed a vintage caravan into a spectacular arts and crafts space in just nine days.

Carmen Blanch, from New South Wales, Australia decided to create the ultimate “craftvan” in her garden— and the results are incredible.

The mother said she initially had plans to convert the dilapidated caravan into a camper van for her family-of-four so they could go travelling.

But she decided that the caravan was staying put in the garden and would be a home away from home.

During the frenetic nine-day makeover, the mother stripped the interior, ripped out the old cupboards and patched up the holes in the walls.

Ms Blanch said she splashed out just £75 on paint, in which she used to spruce up the exterior.

She said: "I started doing the outside of the van as it was an eyesore in the garden and I can't stand looking at it especially when I am in the kitchen sink."

Ms Blanch — who documents her incredible projects at The DIY Junkie — said she managed to save a fortune.

This was because she already owned most of her furniture pieces and décor.

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