Selfie-loving girl dies after being accidentally knocked into a river by oblivious tourist taking pictures

THIS is the moment a girl died taking selfies when she was accidentally knocked into a river by an oblivious tourist in India.

Nirupama Prajapati, was taking selfies on a stone when a man, also taking pictures, jumped near the rock causing her to accidentally fall into the water in Odisha, India, as reported by SNWS News.

The local fire crew and her family searched for Nirupama and found her 22 hours later.

By this time, she had deceased and her body was found in a stone cavity in deep water, 400 meters away from where the tragedy occurred.

It was reported that Nirupama was at the popular picnic spot with friends before the horrific incident happened earlier this month.

Video footage captured of the incident shows a group of locals stationed on the bank of a river.

The group are taking snaps while Nirupama is doing the same in various different poses.

Then the man, unaware of her presence, jumps near her which causes her to lose her balance and drop into the water before being swept away by the powerful current.

This is not the first time someone has died while taking a selfie in Odisha.

In 2018, shocking footage emerged showing a bear being beaten to death by a mob in the region after mauling a man who reportedly tried to take a selfie with it.

The unnamed man in this incident is said to have escaped with his life.

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