Sex offenders and violent criminals among nearly 600 ex-lags who landed Prison Service jobs last year – The Sun

SEX offenders, thieves and violent criminals are among nearly 600 ex-lags who passed tests to land Prison Service jobs.

In total 591 out of 787 applicants whose past crimes were picked up in background checks were handed jail roles last year — a success rate of about 75 per cent.

They included six burglars, four sex offenders and ten who had offensive weapons. Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service insisted ex-offenders have “valuable insights” that help to reduce re-offending.

It “carefully considers” an applicant’s past, and the nature and seriousness of any offence.

Many of those given jobs in prisons were convicted of violence (135), drink-driving (96), theft (94) and criminal damage (43).

Other successful offenders included three dangerous drivers, three convicted of child neglect, and a prostitute.

The only crimes with a 100 per cent fail rate were arson, malicious communications and those with impending prosecutions.

The Prison Service said: “Ours is a unique environment. Reformed ex- offenders bring valuable skills and experience to rehabilitation roles.”

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