Sir David Amess' killing is a tragedy for his family and for democratic politics

I’VE known and admired murdered Sir David Amess for almost 40 years as one of the kindest and most decent of politicians.

I have counted him as a friend since we arrived together in Westminster after the 1983 election.

I was political editor of The Sun. He was the newly elected “Basildon Man” Tory poster boy of the Thatcher landslide who hailed Sun readers as the key to his victory.

His savage killing is a tragedy for him, his family and for democratic politics, an ugly escalation of violence against serving MPs.

It follows the 2016 murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and the near-fatal knife attack on Labour’s Stephen Timms in 2010.

These appalling crimes heighten alarm over both the security of MPs and the shocking escalation of knife crime across Britain.

If democratically elected Members of Parliament are not safe in their offices or on the streets of their constituencies, who is?

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