Springer spaniel shows off naturally highlighted slick brown locks just like Robbie Savage

JERRY the springer spaniel shows off his naturally highlighted slick brown locks.

The pooch is regularly stopped on walks so people can admire his salon-standard hair do.

Owners Mark and Maroline Graham, both 73, from Doncaster, Yorks, refuse to give their pooch’s hair the chop as it is loved by so many.

Mark said the style — like ex-footie ace Robbie Savage — is “a great conversation starter”.

The 11-year-old pet can be seen with blonde and caramel tones going through his brown locks.

Retired consultant Mark, said: “Jerry’s hair wasn’t like this as a puppy – the highlights have strangely come with age.

“A walk takes longer than we plan as people are always stopping him and giving him a fuss.

“Strangers always compliment him!

“He is such a loving and sociable dog so he loves the attention.”

Andy Biggar, who is a pet photographer, has shared a selection of Jerry and his doting owners.

Mark said: ‘We absolutely love the professional photos, they show exactly how handsome Jerry is.

“We have put one on the wall in our living room.”

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