Suzannah Harvey DENIES being 'older woman' who took Harry's virginity

Horse-loving ex-model six years older than Harry DENIES she is the ‘older woman’ who took his virginity behind a pub by posting photo of ginger nut biscuits and saying they are ‘the only ones I’ve ever touched’

  • Suzannah Harvey has denied being the ‘older woman’ who took Harry’s virginity
  • The Duke said he first had sex with a horse-loving woman in a field behind a pub
  • Ms Harvey shared a photo of ginger nut biscuits to deny involvement in the affair
  • Harry detailed the encounter in his memoir but didn’t identify the woman

Suzannah Harvey has denied being the ‘older woman’ who took Prince Harry’s virginity in a ‘humiliating’ encounter behind a busy pub.

The former model posted a photo of Ginger Nuts biscuits to her Instagram stories today with a caption stating: ‘The only ones I’ve EVER touched…’

Miss Harvey told her followers to ‘believe zero of what you read,’ implying she was not the horse-loving woman the Duke of Sussex ‘mounted’ in a field at the age of 17.

Royal fans began speculating Miss Harvey – who is six years Harry’s senior – may have been his first-ever lover after the Duke detailed intimate details about his first time in his bombshell memoir.

Suzannah Harvey has denied being the ‘older woman’ who took Prince Harry’s virginity in a ‘humiliating’ encounter behind a busy pub. Suzannah Harvey is pictured with Prince Harry at the Beaufort Christmas Ball when he was 17

Miss Harvey posted a photo of Ginger Nuts biscuits to her Instagram stories today with a caption stating: ‘The only ones I’ve EVER touched…’

In his book Spare, Harry revealed how he lost his virginity when discussing how a royal aide had paid him a visit to discuss a potential scandal.

In a translation from the Spanish edition of the book, he wrote: ‘I suspected he was referring to my recent loss of virginity, a humiliating episode with an older woman who liked macho horses and who treated me like a young stallion. 

The royal claims he ‘mounted’ his lover, an older horse-loving woman, behind a busy pub – thought to be the Rattlebone Inn in Wiltshire.

‘I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my a** and sent me away. One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in a field, just behind a very busy pub. No doubt someone had seen us.’

However, the real reason the aide had been sent to check up on Harry was because his father’s office had been informed that a newspaper had evidence of him taking drugs – which Harry said was ‘lies’.

Harry’s surprising account has fuelled feverish rumours over who the mystery woman could be. 

Several royal fans speculated Miss Harvey, who has been described as a keen horsewoman, was 

Some royal fans suspected Miss Harvey – who was 23 at the time and described as a keen horsewoman – was the woman described in Harry’s memoir.

Miss Harvey, now the chief executive of Cotswold Airport, told The Daily Mail last night that Prince Harry’s memoir was not something she wished to discuss.

She declined to talk to a reporter who called at her Cotswold home yesterday, adding that she was away but her boyfriend was there.

Moments later, a man walked up the driveway of the four-bedroom stone property and said: ‘Please leave now before I call the police.’

Today the ex-model posted the photo of Ginger Nuts to her profile, seemingly denying that she and Harry ever had sex. MailOnline has approached Miss Harvey for comment.

Her humorous denial came after she posted two memes to her stories – which have since expired – seemingly mocking the Duke and his older brother Prince William.

One meme clearly targeted Harry. It featured a photo of Jay from The Inbetweeners with the caption: ‘Snorted coke, s***ged three birds behind the pub then killed 25 Taliban on my way home.’

The other took aim at William who was pictured in a B&Q uniform baring the words: ‘Who wants wants decking?’

Miss Harvey’s humorous denial came after she posted two memes to her stories mocking Harry and his older brother Prince William

Miss Harvey, now the chief executive of Cotswold Airport , told The Daily Mail last night that Prince Harry’s memoir was not something she wished to discuss. She is pictured in a photo she posted to her Instagram account seven weeks ago

Harry pictured here walking his dog in California earlier this week, claims in his new book he lost his virginity to an older horse-loving woman in a field behind a pub

The incident referred to in Harry’s book could have happened at the Rattlebone Inn, near King Charles’ Highgrove home

EXCLUSIVE: Pub boss who claimed Prince Harry branded him a ‘f***ing Frog’ tells how female admirers used to ‘throw themselves’ at the young royal… and believes a ‘party girl in her mid-20s’ was his first sexual encounter at 17 

Harry was said to have hit on Miss Harvey – now a 44-year-old successful businesswoman and mother of two, who is engaged to be married – at the Beaufort Hunt Christmas Ball held in a marquee in the grounds of Badminton House in Gloucestershire.

She told the Mail at the time that the then-teenager, who was still a pupil at Eton, had showered her with compliments before leading her outside and across a muddy field.

‘I couldn’t believe it when he made a beeline for me,’ she said at the time.

They pair enjoyed several intimate dances before sitting down together to drink champagne when Harry suggested they ‘get some air’. She said he ‘handled her like a grown man’.

‘It was very nice, but as we were kissing I started to get worried that his bodyguards would be looking for him. I didn’t want to get him into trouble,’ Miss Harvey said.

‘He’s a wild child and William was helpless to stop him. Outside he handled me like a grown man.

‘He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into to him. It felt like his hands were going round my whole waist.

‘The kissing was full of passion. My mouth was numb and couldn’t move,’ she said in a 2002 interview.

She said the confident teenager said he ‘loved her sexy body’ and put his arms around her to warm her up in the cold night.

‘When he started to get more passionate I began to worry. He was feeling my bum and my back was in the direction we had come from so a guest could have seen us.

‘I tried to keep my hands to myself but I was tempted to let myself go,’ she admitted.

‘It was so heated, steam was rising from us into the freezing cold air. He was definitely experienced in handling a woman.’

Miss Harvey said she had told Harry she was six years older than him but that did not seem to bother him.

She added that he had tried to take her behind a minibus but she was worried about ruining her £1,500 ball gown.

By the time they returned to the marquee, her dress was muddy from walking in a field and they carried on dancing before going their separate ways.

Ms Harvey, pictured here in 2002, declined to talk about Harry’s new memoir or the claims in the book when approached by the Mail

Ms Harvey, pictured, is now the CEO of Cotswold Airport. She once breathlessly revealed that Harry left her mouth numb with passionate kissing in a muddy field

Harry’s penchant for older woman is well known, with the young prince previously being linked to a string of women who were several years his senior.

He has previously been linked to the late Caroline Flack who was six years older than him and presenter Natalie Pinkham who was seven years his senior.

He was also said to have pursued interior designer Catherine Ommanney – 13 years his senior – when he was 21 in 2006.

After rumours swirled for some time, actress Liz Hurley ruled herself out as the mystery woman before the book even appeared on shelves in Spanish bookshops this week.

Like Miss Hurley, others may come out to distance themselves from the embarrassing encounter recounted in Harry’s book.

The actress was quick to quash rumours in an interview with The Times, saying: ‘Not me. Not guilty. Not me. Absolutely not.’

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