Tamworth man builds giant pirate ship in his garden for Halloween

Bet that took a bit more effort than a carving a pumpkin! Man builds 30ft long ghostly pirate ship from scrap wood for Halloween which ‘just about’ fits in his front garden

  • Andrew Carvel and Lisa Tarren have a tradition of building big models in their garden to celebrate Halloween
  • This year the couple from Tamworth, Staffordshire have erected a giant pirate ship in their front garden 
  • In previous years they have built haunted castles and ghoulish graveyards for the delight of local children

A man has built a massive pirate ship in his garden ahead of this month’s Halloween celebrations. 

Andrew Carvel, from Tamworth, Staffordshire, erected the giant ship which is 30ft long and 9ft wide and just fits inside the boundary of his property. 

Mr Carvel, who is a builder by trade, used old pallets, scrap wood and fence panels to create his masterpiece. 

Last year he built a giant castle and the year before it was a graveyard scene. 

Andrew Carvel, from Tamworth, Staffordshire and his fiancée Lisa Tarren spent several weeks preparing the massive pirate ship for outside their home for the enjoyment of local children and to raise money for charity

Mr Carvel said he first mocked up his model in his back garden before dismantling the ship and re-erecting it in his front garden. The ship is made from a mixture of old fence panels, pallets and bits of scrap wood

Mr Carvel said Ms Tarren is responsible for the models on the ship’s deck. The display will raise money for the Tamworth Pantry charity

Mr Carvel said local children love is annual displays which draw in visitors from around the wider area. 

He told the BBC that he and his fiancée, Lisa Tarren, have been working on their project for the past ‘three or four years’. 

He said: ‘She used to do it quite a bit and she builds all the models.’ 

Initially, the pair wanted to work on their display ‘just for fun’ but with its growing success, they now collect donations for the Tamworth Pantry charity. 

He said the ship took a few weeks to design and build. He said he constructed the model in the back garden before dismantling it and re-erecting it in front of his house. 

He added: ‘The kids love it.’

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