Terrifying moment seven sharks seen circling beachgoers as one lurks beneath rubber raft

THIS is the shocking moment when a group of hammerhead sharks swarmed shallow water alongside beachgoers.

Jacqueline Lesso was on a boat while three other women floated on a raft when they all spotted something circling in the water nearby at a Pensacola Florida beach.

While celebrating Memorial Day, Lesso spotted several hammerhead sharks swimming in shallow water near her boat.

Lesso took out her smartphone to record the rare shark spotting. 

Lacey Faciane, Casie Thompson, and Qyuston Eubanks were relaxing on a float when they too saw the nearby animals.

“One boater would yell shark and then the next group would yell shark, and that's just kind of how it was," Faciane said, reports WLSTV. 

"And so by the time they got to us, they were right up on us."

Mostly everyone was excited to spot the sharks, except for Eubanks.

"I was like 'Lord protect us! If it's time for us to go, it's time for us to go. Just protect us,” Eubanks said, reports WALA.

On the other hand, Faciane said seeing the group of sharks was "an awesome experience,” reports WALA. 

"They were right up on the shore. I mean we were in at least knee-deep water so they were right up on shore, and they just swam around the boat, and then left."

The supposed seven sharks were about 8feet long according to the witnesses. 

The creatures eventually left after swarming the boats. 

"Usually you have to pay for that and we didn't have to pay for that,” Faciane told WALA. 

"It's very rare to have a group of hammerheads just swim by you so it's kind of a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing," said Thompson.

This news of shark spotting is a bit alarming as a study showed that the US experienced the most shark attacks in the world in 2020.

A study conducted by Florida Panhandle found that the US had 46 attacks in 2020.

The fatality rate of the attacks was 6.5 percent in the US.

The study also said that 95 percent of shark attacks were unprovoked, and most likely occurred in the afternoon.




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