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Damian Dibben, £18.99


ALTHOUGH prodigiously talented, artist Giorgione “Zorzo” Barbarelli has no luck in the art world.

Other talented artists in Renaissance Venice include Michelangelo and Leonardo, so Zorzo must set himself apart.

When he hears about a new colour being brought to Venice, he wants it – and secures a commission to paint the merchant’s wife’s portrait.

But he gets caught up in a conspiracy and falls in love.

An intoxicating story about an incredible period in history.


Claire Alexander, £14.99


MEREDITH has not left her house for 1,214 days, ever since she had a breakdown on her way to work.

She works from home and fills the rest of her days with reading, jigsaw puzzles and the occasional visit from her best friend Sadie.

But things change when Tom from a befriending charity bursts into her life – and then her estranged sister Fiona gets in touch.

Meredith knows it’s time to confront her past and live her life again.

Hard-hitting subject matter but the gorgeous characters make for a joyful read.


Lesley Kara, £14.99


DISABLED Scarlett tries to live her best life even though her aunt Rebecca was brutally murdered.

Funeral director Dee is organising a memorial to her best friend Gail, who vanished ten years ago.

At the same time she is struggling to deal with vicious fake reviews of her company.

When Scarlett contacts Dee about her aunt’s funeral they find they share an unexpected link.

But as they dig deeper they find someone is trying to stop them from unearthing buried secrets.

Bill Todd


Karin Slaughter, £20


EMILY VAUGHN knows she shouldn’t attend her prom night because since falling pregnant she’s been cast aside by everyone she knows.

She’s determined to put in an appearance, but it costs her her life.

Forty years later, Andrea Oliver arrives in town under the pretence of protecting a judge who’s received death threats.

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