Truck drags car sideways down highway while driver waves for help

Astonishing moment truck drags a car sideways down a busy US highway while the desperate driver – a 19-year-old woman – waves frantically out of the window for help

  • Laylisha Gardner, 19, was seen waving as her car was dragged beneath a truck
  • A fellow motorist recorded the dramatic scene on Tuesday on the Interstate 294
  • Eventually the truck driver managed to stop, and no injures have been reported

This is the astonishing moment a teenage driver desperately waved for help out of her window as a semi-truck dragged her car sideways along a Chicago highway.

Footage recorded on Tuesday at around 11.40am by a motorist travelling on Interstate 294 northbound, in Cook County near milepost 30.25, showed clouds of dust rising from beneath the truck as it travelled along the road, pulling a 2005 black Honda Accord with it.

Illinois State Police later said the car, driven by 19-year-old Laylisha Gardner was trying to change lanes when her car became stuck beneath the truck.

Incredibly, nobody was injured in the dramatic road smash. The truck driver, 52-year-old Mohamed Yousif, eventually pulled over having apparently earlier been oblivious to Gardner’s ordeal. pulled him over on i294.. I was like wtf happend here…. than i saw the car and that person still inside..

A cloud of dust could be seen rising from beneath the truck as it travelled along the road, with the black Honda visibly wedged beneath it, being dragged along the road

The black Honda was visibly wedged beneath the semi-truck, which was dragging it along the road just outside Chicago

The front half of the sedan had been crushed, and the rest of the motor appeared to be trapped beneath the truck.

In the video clip, the car’s driver could clearly be seen waving frantically from the front seat to try and get the attention of other motorists so that they could alert the truck’s driver. 

Illinois State Police later said that the black Honda was trying to change lanes when it became stuck beneath the semi-truck.

They also confirmed that the truck’s driver eventually stopped so that the Honda could be freed.

It is believed that nobody was injured in the incident, and police did not provide any details regarding possible charges. 

Two lanes on the Tri-State Tollway were closed for around 15 minutes while police investigated the incident. 

The shocking footage was filmed by motorist Grzesiek Misiek who said he managed to get the attention of the truck driver and get him to pull over.

Sharing the footage to Facebook on Tuesday, Grzesiek said: ‘Pulled him over on i294. I was like w** happened here…. then I saw the car and that person still inside.’ 

People were quick to voice opinions on the incident, with some asking why other motorists didn’t do more to help, while some questioned how the truck driver wasn’t aware of the situation

People were quick to comment on the video, with one person, who claims to drive trucks for a living, saying: ‘This driver should have noticed the vehicle or at least the loss of power from the rig. Blind spots are called blind sports for a reason.

‘People should be flagging the driver and pointing to the problem if they are not aware. Just when you think you’ve seen it all there is always something out there to top it!’

Another person commented under the video: ‘bro, why is no one honking?’

And a third said: ‘I’m guessing he skipped over that part about checking your mirrors every 7-10 seconds.’

Despite no injuries being sustained in this incident, the National Safety Council has previously said that 5,005 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes in 2019.

This figure accounts for around 10 per cent of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes.

The organization defines a large truck as any medium or heavy truck that weights more than 10,000 pounds – but doesn’t include buses or motor homes. 

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