Trump slams Biden over Mexico border crisis saying situation is 'worse than ever before' as migrant surge hits 20yr high

DONALD Trump slammed the Biden Administration over the surge of migrants crossing the border even as authorities have stopped more migrants last month than in the last 20 years.

"Our recently secured southern border is now worse than ever before," Trump said in a statement. "In the history of our country, it has never been more dangerous or worse."

Trump's statement made reference to the increased surge in migrants crossing the border since the election of Joe Biden.

Although his statement asserted that the ongoing numbers at the border were the largest in the nation's history, the country saw similar migrant crossings in the 2000s.

For the first time since April 2000, US authorities have stopped over 180,000 undocumented migrants from crossing the southern border, a shocking number highlighting the ongoing border crisis.

Trump took the numbers as an opportunity to attack the current administration.

"As no time in our country's history has anything so outrageous taken place," he wrote. "The Biden Administration stopped construction of the small remaining openings in areas of the almost 500 mile long wall, have taken away all authority from our great Border Patrol."

"And have ended such long fought for policies including Remain in Mexico, Safe Third Agreements, and our hugely-successful program that completely stopped Catch-and-Release," he said.

"Millions of people are pouring through our border, including many criminals being released from jails for such crimes as murder, drug smuggling and human trafficking," he ended. "They do not have long to act as our country is being destroyed!"

According to new data released by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Wednesday, the agency made 180,034 apprehensions in May, a small increase from the 178,854 made in April.

At least 180,000 migrants were apprehended in the first four months of 2000.

The numbers topped at 211,000 in February and over 220,000 in March.

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