Two masked bike-jackers pull MACHETE on cyclist and steal his bike

‘I thought I was going to be DECAPITATED’: Cyclist, 37, tells how masked bike-jackers on moped pulled a MACHETE on him outside Richmond Park then rammed him to the ground and sped off with his £5,500 bicycle – in THIRD terrifying attack in five days

  • Mike Radville, 37, was rammed off his bike outside Richmond Park on Monday
  • He said the attackers pulled a foot and a half long machete before ramming him
  • He suffered cuts and bruises and spent hours in hospital following the incident 
  • It comes after other cyclists reported having their bikes stolen in Richmond Park 

A cyclist who had his bike stolen by two masked men armed with a machete said he thought he was going to be ‘decapitated in the street’.

Mark Radville, 37, was riding his £5,500 bike outside Richmond Park on Monday afternoon when he noticed two men wearing balaclavas on a moped were following him.

They caught up alongside him with one of the men flashing the blade before the keen cyclist was rammed off his bike and thrown to the ground.

One of the riders picked up the bicycle and flung it over his shoulder before jumping onto the back of the moped and the two thieves rode off.

Mr Radville, a mobile-coffee shop owner from Lewisham, suffered cuts and bruises in the fall and spent hours in hospital following the incident at about 5pm outside The Alton Primary School, in Danebury Avenue.

It was the third similar incident to have occurred near or in Richmond Park since Wednesday. 

Mark Radville, 37, was rammed off his bike outside Richmond Park on Monday afternoon by two thieves wearing balaclavas on a moped

Mr Radville suffered cuts and bruises after being rammed off his bike and threatened with a machete 

Campaign group The Department of Parks and Recreation shared two pictures on Twitter showing suspected bike jackers rushing off the scene after the theft of another high-end bicycle, this time belonging to Mark Radville

He told MailOnline: ‘I was cycling along when I noticed a moped behind me over my right shoulder.

‘They then pulled up alongside me and one of them showed me a machete – he only pulled it out slightly but showed it to me.

‘At that moment I change gear and go for it, trying to get away as fast as I can. Then he pulls it out completely and it looked like he was going to go for me.

‘I went up onto the pavement to avoid them, but then I’m running out of pavement so I went back onto the road and that’s when they rammed into me, just outside the school.

‘The guy got off the moped and was still waving his machete about as he didn’t want anyone to get near him. He picked up my bike and jumped onto the back of the moped with my bike over his shoulder.

‘One minute I was cycling along, and the next minute I thought I was going to be decapitated in the street. It was terrifying.’

The suspected thieves were photographed scarpering off the scene holding a bike – which Mr Radville said was his – on their shoulders. 

Campaign group, The Department of Parks and Recreation, which states it is fighting ‘to reclaim The Royal Parks from motorists’ tweeted the two pictures.

Mr Radville said he is a keen cyclist and often rides up to 350km a week on his £5,500 bicycle

The group reported that this latest attack occurred outside Richmond Park, close to Roehampton Gate

He spent hours in hospital following the incident, which happened outside Richmond Park, at 5pm on Monday 

Mr Radville, who cycles about 350km a week, was cycling from Lewisham to Richmond Park and had intended to ride to Box Hill and back to Lewisham before the incident.

He described it as being ‘like a terrorist attack’ and said the machete was about ‘a foot and a half long including the handle’.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told MailOnline: ‘Police were called at 17:09hrs on 11 October to High Street SW15 after a man was reported to have been assaulted by two males who then stole his bicycle.

‘One of the suspects was reported to be in possession of a machete and so armed officers responded.

‘An area search was conducted, however the suspects could not be traced.

‘The victim was taken to hospital as a precaution but was not seriously injured.’

Police confirmed no arrests have been made and said enquiries are ‘ongoing’. 

The attack on Mr Radville, is the latest in a string of incidents inside and around Richmond Park in the last few days

Cuts to Mr Radville’s right hand after he was rammed off his bicycle outside Richmond Park

Despite this incident happening outside Roehampton Gate The Department of Parks and Recreation renewed calls for the gates to the park to be closed to motorists.

They tweeted: ‘The news that this latest attack occurred just outside the park, does not alter our demand that the gates be shut to protect park users while these criminals are at large.

‘We know these criminals are carrying large bladed weapons.

‘The Royal Parks must act swiftly to protect park users and avoid further attacks or even injuries. The gates to the park must now be closed to motor traffic.’

Mr Radville suffered a serious cut to his left forearm when he was rammed off his bicycle. He said the incident has scarred him

The latest robbery comes after professional cyclist, Alexandar Richardson, 31, was knocked off his £10,000 bike and chased on foot by four thieves carrying 15-inch machetes last week as he trained in Richmond Park.

Two of the attackers were on motorbikes, one of which drove into him before dragging him 109 yards through the park last Thursday.

Mr Richardson was then threatened with the jackers’ 15-inch machete and ordered to give over his high-end training bike.

Police confirmed that another cyclist in Richmond Park had his bicycle stolen the previous day after he was approached by two males on e-scooters although they have not said whether they believe the robberies are linked.

Asked what Mr Radville would like to see done to protect cyclists after the recent incidents in and around Richmond Park, he said: ‘I would like to see these people found and prosecuted. People running around with machetes is not a society we are supposed to live in.

‘I don’t how police would enforce rules to keep us safe. The moped used in my attack was stolen and the riders were wearing balaclavas. I think they are just circling around waiting for victims as it’s a popular place for cyclists.

‘I don’t know what can be done beyond enforcing a police state and searching all moped riders wearing balaclavas.

‘I don’t know how to make a difference but I feel something needs to happen.’

He said the incident has already scarred him.

While travelling to work on his replacement bike this morning, he said he was overtaken by another cyclist and feared ‘it was all about to happen again’.

‘I’m in no rush to go back to Richmond Park,’ he added. ‘Lewisham gets a bad rap but Richmond Park is a nice area that’s being targeted for being nice.

‘I lost my brother to a brain tumour, and so I know what it’s like to have bad s*** happen to you. I feel like I’m living on the edge, looking over my shoulder, wondering what is going to happen next.

‘I can’t relax and just get on my bike and enjoy myself.’ 

Mr Richardson, who rides for professional cycling team Alpecin-Fenix, shared his horrifying experience last Thursday on Instagram with a picture of his nasty scrapes to his legs.

He said: ‘Pretty shocking experience today in Richmond Park. 

Mr Richardson was dragged along the ground for 109 yards in Richmond Park and suffered nasty cuts to his legs before letting the attackers take the £10,000 bike

‘Was finishing my training around 3pm when two motorbikes with four men and balaclavas started following me.

‘I knew exactly what they wanted – to take my bike. I started to think what the best thing to do was.

‘I turned around at East Sheen Roundabout and started riding full speed to the café about 500 metres away.

‘They simply rode one of the motorbikes into me at 60kph.

Alexandar Richardson (pictured previously at a cycling race) wrote about his terrifying ordeal on social media after the incident on Thursday afternoon last week

Richardson did what he could to hold onto his £10,000 bike but it was taken from him at knife point before the masked men quickly sped off

‘I came off the bike and the first motorbike lost control. I held onto my bike, however, the second motorbike then dragged me and the bike along the floor for another 100 metres.

‘After this they pulled out a 15-inch machete, at which point I thought I better let the bike go.

‘I’m pretty cut up and bruised with a swollen hip but tomorrow is another day.

‘Please be careful in the area and note this is becoming a common occurrence in parts of London.

‘The police have taken their notes down as armed robbery and hopefully the criminals are found.’

Last year, a total of 74,573 bikes were reported stolen in England and Wales, with Greater London having the highest rate of crime in the country.   

A Met Police statement read of the attack against Mr Richardson: ‘Police were called at 16:01hrs on Thursday, 7 October to reports of a robbery that had occurred near to the Roehampton Gate entrance of the park.

‘It was reported that a man aged in his 30s was cycling through the park when his bike was rammed by four men who were travelling on two mopeds.

A group of cyclists make their way through Richmond Park in London (file picture)

‘This caused the victim to fall to the ground. The group then threatened the victim with a machete before riding off with the bike towards Danebury Avenue.

‘The cyclist did not require hospital treatment, although he did suffer injuries to his arm as a result of trying to keep hold of the bike.

‘Officers attended at the time and took an initial statement from the victim. They carried out a search of the nearby area but no suspects were found.

PC Ian Croxford, from Operation Venice, the Met’s response to moped enabled crime, said: ‘Although the victim did not suffer serious injuries this was an incredibly frightening experience and we will do all we can to track down those responsible.

‘I’m asking people who were in Richmond Park on Thursday afternoon to check for any video they may have showing a group of four men on mopeds. That could be mobile phone footage, dashcams or cycle helmet footage.

‘I’d also ask people living or working nearby to check any local CCTV, dashcam or doorbell footage as this could be key to us identifying these dangerous individuals.’ 

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 quoting CAD 5103/07Oct. To remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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