Vanessa Guillen ‘body found in cement in shallow grave’ as family wants Congress to investigate sex harassment claims – The Sun

VANESSA Guillen's body is believed to have been found in cement in a shallow grave, as her family wants Congress to investigate sexual harassment claims.

The 20-year-old missing soldier's family said they believe human remains found near the Leon River close to Fort Hood military base belong to Vanessa, who has been missing since April 22.

The family's comments came the same day that it was revealed a soldier who was a suspect in Guillen's disappearance killed himself.

He took his own life just hours after the remains were discovered, and a second suspect was arrested by Texas Rangers, the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command said in a statement.

The second suspect is "the estranged wife of a former Fort Hood Soldier," investigators said.

Authorities said they are awaiting dental x-rays and DNA analysis to identify the remains.

Guillen family attorney Natalie Khawam, however, said on Wednesday that they believe the remains to be Vanessa.

“We believe that her remains were found," Khawam said at a press conference.

"We believe the suspect killed himself in the morning,” she added.

The family said they are demanding a Congressional investigation into the incidents.

Vanessa's family has said that she claimed she was sexually harassed by a Sargeant prior to her disappearance.

Investigators have not identified the soldier who killed himself – but Khawam named him as Aaron David Robinson.

Mayra Guillen, Vanessa's sister, said that while the remains have yet to be identified, "at this point, everything points to it."

Vanessa's sister then accused Fort Hood of hiding details of the investigation.

"I met him not knowing that he had something to do with it," Mayra said of the soldier who killed himself.

"I felt something was telling me that he did something and I wasn't wrong apparently. He still had the nerve that day to laugh in my face.

"And apparently now, he kills himself. Why? I don't know. But whoever is responsible has to pay and we demand a Congressional investigation," Mayra added.

Lupe, Vanessa's other sister, spoke angrily through tears and demanded justice.

"My sister Vanessa Guillen was harassed but nothing was done," Lupe claimed.

"If this can happen to her, it can happen to everyone."

She questioned how the disappearance occurred.

"How could this happen on a military base? How can this happen while she was on duty?" Lupe asked angrily.

Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii spoke at the press conference, demanding justice for Vanessa.

"We stand here for Vanessa, we stand here for justice, and we stand here for every other service member that's experienced harassment or assault and did not report it out of fear," Gabbard said.

Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller said in an interview on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace that the remains were found buried in cement, Crime Online reported.

“We have made significant progress in this tragic situation and are doing everything possible to get to the truth and bring answers to the family of Pfc. Vanessa Guillen,” Chris Grey, the spokesman for Army CID said in a statement Wednesday.

Vanessa went missing at her work on April 22 at the Regimental Engineer Squadron Headquarters on Fort Hood military base.

Her keys, wallet and ID card were all found in the room where she worked, investigators said.

Authorities have offered a reward of up to $25,000 for information related to Guillen's disappearance.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Army CID Special Agents at 254-287-2722, or the Military Police Desk at 254-288-1170.

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