Watch as Susanna Reid cuts short interview with Lady Victoria Hervey

Watch as Susanna Reid cuts short interview with Lady Victoria Hervey after socialite tried to ‘make a bet’ with GMB host, branded Prince Andrew sex accuser a ‘con artist’ and called Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking victims ‘liars’

  • Lady Victoria Hervey defended Prince Andrew during the heated debate
  • Prince Andrew ‘is considering charitable work as a route back to public life’

Susanna Reid was forced to cut an interview with Lady Victoria Hervey short after she made a series of allegations including that his sex abuse accuser was a ‘con artist’.

The presenter and her co-host Ben Shepherd were joined by the model and socialite, 46, on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain to debate whether charity work could rehabilitate Prince Andrew’s image.

It comes after reports that the Queen suggested that Prince Andrew, 62, should devote himself to charitable work as a ‘route back to public life’.

Friends of the duke claimed the late monarch believed her son might be able to pursue a ‘Profumo-style’ path to redemption through low-key good deeds.

Socialite Lady Victoria Hervey appeared on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain

Lady Victoria Hervey briefly dated the Duke of York in 1999

The Duke of York stepped away from public life to fight a US civil sex claim against his accuser Virginia Guiffre. 

Last year, he reportedly paid £12million in an out-of-court settlement, ending the civil case against him in the US.

He did not admit any wrongdoing as part of the civil case settlement.

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Since then, royal sources have claimed that Prince Andrew is seeking a path to return to public life, with charity work a potential way to do that.

During Thursday’s debate, Lady Victoria, who once dated the disgraced royal, branded his sex abuse accuser a ‘liar’ and said that Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking victims ‘made it up’.

At one point, she even tried to ‘make a bet’ live on air that she ‘was right’ about the allegations, forcing the GMB host to stop the interview. 

She was joined by barrister and equality campaigner Dr Charlotte Proudman on the segment, who passionately argued it ‘is not the role of charities to rehabilitate princes’.

But the debate got heated when Lady Victoria kept interrupting to defend the Duke of York, saying ‘he’s never met her by the way’.

In one particularly terse exchange, Dr Proudman pointed out that Ms Giuffre was ‘a victim of sex trafficking’ however Lady Victoria butted in: ‘She’s not, she’s a liar’.

She continued: ‘I think they are [charities] going to work with him because there’s a lot of stuff coming out about her that she is a complete con artist.’

She then added: ‘Can we do a bet right now? Can we do a bet live on air that I’m right?’

Dr Proudman snapped back: ‘I think it is absolutely perverse to suggest that the role of charities is to rehabilitate the image of someone accused of sex trafficking.

Susanna Reid was forced to cut an interview with Lady Victoria Hervey short after she made a series of allegations

During Thursday’s debate, Lady Victoria Hervey, who once dated the disgraced royal, branded his sex abuse accuser a ‘liar’

A picture of the Duke of York with Virginia Giuffre, then 17, as Ghislaine Maxwell stands in the background

‘The role of charity work is to give back…’ before she Lady Victoria Harvey shouted: ‘This is not sex trafficking!’

Susanna then tried to intervene by pointing out ‘there’s a woman in prison convicted of’, but Lady Victoria intervened again, saying: ‘Of some things she did and some things she did not do.

‘A lot of these girls are liars, a lot of these girls made it up.’

At this point the GMB host swiftly ended the interview by saying: ‘I’m going to bring this interview to an end because you cannot smear victims of sex trafficking who have already been through hell.’

Lady Victoria Hervey was debating Dr Charlotte Proudman over whether the Duke’s image could be ‘rehabilitated’ and whether charity work would help provide a ‘route back’ to public life

However, Lady Victoria tried to keep making claims until Susanna snapped: ‘That’s enough.

‘I’m sorry. I have to bring that to an end. You are making very serious allegations.

‘The fact of the matter is, as the barrister here at our desk reminds everybody, there were convictions in this case and we’re not going to take issue with those.’

The debate has been edited out of the version of the programme uploaded to ITV player for viewers to watch back.

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