We have 27 dogs in our 4-bed home – the council wants us to get rid of them but we'd rather MOVE than lose them | The Sun

A COUPLE who keep 27 dogs in their four-bedroom home say they would rather move than give any of them up.

Danny and Jenny Reid have been ordered to rehome 21 of their hoard of Pomeranians after neighbours complained about their "hellish" barking.

They were fined £500 each for failing to comply with a noise abatement order, plus an extra grand to cover costs and a victim surcharge.

The Reids were also hit with a Criminal Behaviour Order requiring them to keep a maximum of six dogs at their Exeter property.

But the pensioners, who say their pets are "like children to us", plan to relocate to a fresh abode elsewhere in Devon, where different rules apply, rather than find new owners.

Danny, 72, said: "This is all the result of one neighbour getting others to complain about us.


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"We keep pure-bred Pomeranians which is why we have a lot of them.

"We have two champions – Star and Sophie – and we’re also show judges.

"The oldest are 14 years old and we’ve had them all since they were puppies. We won’t be getting rid of any of them.

"The council prosecuted us individually so we believe that allows each of us to keep six dogs at our home.

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"We have only 11 dogs – the rest are bitches – so it shouldn’t be a problem.

"But anyway, we’re moving to a new council area in mid-Devon. We’ve already exchanged contracts on a place."

Locals living on the quiet street in Pinhoe told officials the pups produce a "distinctive" pong which drifts into their homes.

They also said the animals make "endless" noise, which becomes almost unbearable in the summer.

One neighbour, who did not want to give their name, said: "Those living close to the dogs have really suffered. It has been hellish at times.

"The barking is endless and keeping 27 dogs in a fairly small house is just not acceptable."

Another, who lives a few doors down and wished to remain anonymous, said: "You really notice it in the summer if you’re trying to sit in your garden.

"People are entitled to some peace and quiet in their own place.

"There’s also sometimes a very distinctive smell coming from that house."

There’s also sometimes a very distinctive smell coming from that house.

But Danny and Jenny feel they are being victimised and the complaints are unjustified and unfair.

They claim construction on nearby houses on the estate has been "setting the dogs off" and that the problem has been exaggerated.

Danny said: "We’ve had builders working right next to our garden.

"There was scaffolding overhanging our property and we’ve had cranes and diggers moving around all day long.

"So of course when the dogs see the builders they start barking. But it’s not excessive."

Exeter magistrates heart that the Reids were first served a noise abatement order in 2018 but the local authority continued to receive complaints from neighbours.

Further monitoring by officers concluded that barking was "continuing at a frequent and unreasonable level and duration".


Jenny is desperate to appeal following their latest "unfair" court appearance, but says they simply don't have the cash.

"We’ve lived on this road for 24 years and never had a problem until new neighbours arrived four years ago," the 72-year-old said.

"One woman has gone round stirring people up against us and our dogs.

"We feel victimised and treated unfairly by the authorities but we can't afford to appeal.

"Our lawyer said it would cost £3,500 and we don’t have that kind of money. We’re paying off the fine at £50 per month."

Exeter City Council said it had acted to protect the interests of the Reids' neighbours.

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Councillor Amal Ghusain, portfolio holder for City Management and Environmental Services, said: "We want to send a clear message that no-one should suffer from unacceptable levels of noise because of their neighbour’s irresponsible actions.

"Hopefully this case will demonstrate that Exeter City Council are taking action to address these issues."

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