Weather forecast UK LIVE – Met Office issues danger to life warning for TODAY as brutal 90mph winds lash the country

THE Met Office has issued a danger to life warning as parts of the UK braced for brutal gales.

A yellow wind warning will be in place from 11am to 11pm on Wednesday in parts of Scotland as 95mph south westerly gales batter the region.

It comes as the UK is set to be battered by a staggering SIX storms between now and the end of the winter.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services told The Sun: “We are expecting one more major storm this month which will set the trend for coming months.

“We expect five to six storms to hit through the winter period which could be severe enough to warrant naming.”

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  • Joseph Gamp

    Weather outlook for Wednesday to Friday

    Wind and rain in the far northwest quickly easing on Wednesday, leaving a widely dry, settled, and often rather cloudy period with light winds.

    Mild at first, turning gradually colder.

  • John Hall

    Compensation payments increased after Storm Arwen power cuts

    Extra compensation will be paid to tens of thousands of customers left without power following Storm Arwen.

    The extreme conditions, deemed a "once in a generation" weather event, on November 26 affected 135,000 Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) customers, mainly in north east Scotland, with the last homes only reconnected nine days later.

    SSEN said it will add a 20% goodwill payment to the statutory compensation values set by energy regulator Ofgem.

    A £700 cap on compensation was lifted last week, allowing those affected to claim £70 for each 12-hour period they are left without power, after an initial £70 for the first 48 hours.

    SSEN said the 20% enhancement means customers will receive up to an additional £210 depending on how long they were without power.

    When combined with the removal of the £700 payment cap, this will mean an extra £560 in total for those last to be reconnected.

  • John Hall

    Yellow wind warnings

    The Met Office has issued yellow wind warnings for the northwest of the UK.

    The warning has been issued for winds expected to hit late on Sunday and into Monday.

    80-85mph gusts are possible over the Western Isles, the far north of Scotland and the Northern Isles and there is a chance of gusts in excess of 90mph in some places.  

    The winds are associated with a low pressure system that will form to the west of the UK and is currently set to impact the northwest of the UK. 

  • John Hall

    Monday to Wednesday outlook

    Outbreaks of rain for Monday, generally cloudy with some patchy light rain or drizzle for Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Remaining mild or very mild, and becoming windy at times.

  • John Hall

    Temperatures to PLUMMET in South as frost grips Britain

    TEMPERATURES are set to PLUMMET in the South of England on Christmas Day with frost gripping the country, it's been revealed.

    Brits will wake up on Christmas Day to fog and frost as temperatures turn chilly during the festive holidays.

    The last week of the year is set to be settled weatherwise – but it will be very cold for many.

    In the south of England and Wales, temperatures are set to plummet on Christmas Eve, just in time for the big day.

    Areas in the North West are set to be slightly milder on December 25.

    But the week in between Christmas and New Year is will be chilly, with higher chances of frost and fog as Brits enjoy the holidays with friends and family.

  • John Hall

    What happens if a storm stops me commuting?

    Sometimes snow makes the journey to work dangerous or downright impossible, leaving some people unable to commute.

    So, will you get paid if you can’t make it in work? Unfortunately, there is no automatic legal right to be paid if you miss work due to bad weather.

    Employers are entitled to regard your absence as unauthorised, even if it is due to weather circumstances way out of your control.

    Travelling to work is your responsibility – but exceptions may be made if the company provide transport such as a bus service which is cancelled.

    Some employers may allow staff to use annual leave to cover the snow day or even work from home.

    However, it is important to remember your employer should not force or pressure you to unnecessarily attempt the journey if there are legitimate safety reasons why you should not travel.

  • John Hall

    School’s closed – can I take the day off work?

    Parents are entitled to take a reasonable amount of emergency unpaid time off work to look after your children is there is an unexpected disruption in their normal care arrangements.

    This could include the closure of a nursery or school due to adverse weather conditions.

    However, this time should be used to make alternative arrangements for their care instead rather than caring for your child.

    Many employers are more flexible though in these circumstances and will allow employees to take holiday at short notice or, if appropriate, to work from home or make the time up.

  • John Hall

    Drivers should pack their cars with 5 essentials 

    DRIVERS have been urged to pack their cars with five winter essentials before hitting the road as Storm Barra hits the UK today.

    Storm Barra will no doubt bring with it dangerous road conditions, with slippery black ice increasing the risk of an out-of-control skid and accidents.

    Car insurance provider the AA has shared its essential list of cold journey must-haves – if travel in adverse weather is absolutely essential.

    In case of a breakdown, drivers have been told to bring with them a fully-charged phone to call for help.

    A flask of hot drink is another must-have to fend off the cold when stationary – while a torch can be used to help see as daylight hours get shorter.

    Meanwhile, in case an unfortunate skid sends them off the road, a shovel is needed to make sure drivers can free their cars if stuck in snow.

    The insurer also urges drivers to “fully de-ice” their vehicles prior to heading off – including clearing snow from the windows, lights and the roof to help with visibility.

  • John Hall

    Britain to be battered by SIX more storms this winter

    BRITS are braced to be battered by SIX more major storms through winter as the aftermath of Storm Barra sweeps the country. 

    Forecasters are warning that the next hammering of the UK is just around the corner – with freezing temperatures creating snowstorms. 

    A “perfect recipe” of warm North Sea waters and a La Nina cooling of the Pacific after a placid autumn will drive the misery.

    Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “We are expecting one more major storm this month which will set the trend for coming months.

    “We expect five to six storms to hit through the winter period which could be severe enough to warrant naming.”

  • John Hall

    Long range weather forecast for Christmas

    The Met Office have said that Christmas day will be settled this year and cold spells will remain.

    They said “Remaining generally unsettled at first, with wettest and windiest conditions likely moving further north with drier and brighter spells developing in the south and southeast at times.

    “Temperatures likely to be milder than earlier in the month, with temperatures near to above normal, although some colder spells remain possible.

    “It is likely to become more settled around Christmas and towards New Year with increased chance of overnight frost and fog during clearer spells.”

  • John Hall

    Can I still have the Covid booster if I have a cold?

    The short answer is yes.

    If you are certain it is not Covid you are suffering with and you are well enough to leave home, you can get your third shot with confidence.

    It might make you feel a bit rougher than if you weren’t ill, but overall it’s perfectly safe – and you can emerge from your sickly funk safe in the knowledge you are protected against coronavirus.

    A cold shouldn’t have an effect on your body’s ability to build an immune response to the flu, even though it is fighting an illness.

    NHS guidance says you should still attend your appointment even if you have a mild illness, including a common cold.

  • John Hall

    Explained: When will Winter be over?

    When people are looking for the Winter season to be officially over, they can look forward to the Spring Equinox, which will mark the start of the Spring season.

    The Summer Solstice will then signify that the Spring time has come to an end and hot and sunny Summer weather will be present until the next seasonal change.

    Remembering the seasonal equinoxes and solstices are the key to knowing which time of year you are in.

    Although a lot of territories experience differing weather conditions prior to the solstices and equinoxes, the dates are significant to know the official starts of the four seasons.

  • John Hall

    How does this week look?

    The Met Office have predicted that from Tuesday to Thursday it will be unsettled initially.

    Breezy in the north with persistent, rain arriving in the northwest through Tuesday.

    Elsewhere, cloudy with rain at times. Becoming more settled later in the week. Mild throughout.

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