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PARENTS have been left fuming at the degrading uniform and toilet rules at their daughter's school – and claim she's too scared to go in.

New rules at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy in Edlington, Doncaster, have meant that pupils must wear skirts below the knee.

And the school has also ruled that only shoes, bags and hair accessories within the school's policy are allowed.

But multiple parents have now said that pupils have been ordered to line up at the start of each day to have their school skirt lengths measured, reports Doncaster Free Press.

Concerns have also been raised over the introduction of locks on toilet facilities meaning they are not accessible at all times.

Some mums and dads have detailed how the school uniform provider Pinders could not provide skirts that adhered to dress code due to the school’s last-minute change in policy.

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And one parent of a pupil described how teachers cut her daughter’s skirt at the hem in order to allow it to go past the knees.

The new skirt had been purchased only two days prior.

The mum also described how her daughter was unable to use the bathroom and claims she was denied access to the keys needed to unlock it before likening the school to a "prison".

She said: “It’s anything from school shoes to hair bobbles that they’re controlling. My daughter hates going to school, it’s like a prison.

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"My other daughter is due to go soon and doesn’t want to, she’s afraid of going there.”

She added that daughter remains suspended from lessons in "isolation" due to her skirt length.

The mum is not alone with another parent claiming that teachers tried to force her daughter to wear clothes provided by the school that were too big for her and “antagonised” her when she refused.

She also says that when she tried to collect her daughter from school, teachers kept the doors locked for several minutes and would not allow her to leave.

While a third fuming parent said that her daughter was told her shoes were "not acceptable" despite being the same brand as on the school website.

They said: "My daughter has just told me they pulled her to one side today and said her shoes are not acceptable … they are the same shoes that are on the school website saying they are."

And a fourth parent was annoyed that their daughter was forced to miss an exam after being excluded for their uniform.

They mentioned that the school "tried telling us she could resit but forgot to mention the fact that it was over £100 from our pocket for her to do so".

The angry parents have now come together to form a "parents against Sir Thomas Wharton" Facebook group in order to discuss the issues.


A spokesperson told The Sun Online the school believes in setting and expecting the highest standards.

They said: "In June, all parents received a letter, and the Uniform Policy, clearly reiterating our uniform expectations.

"On the first day in September, 99 percent of students arrived in perfect uniform.

"A handful of students arrived in incorrect uniform and were offered brand new items, free of charge, to enable them to correct their uniform.

"A few students still refused to correct their uniform and the academy engaged with their families to try to resolve any outstanding issues. 

"Student uniform is checked on entry to the academy each day to maintain the high standards.

"However, any reference to skirts being measured is simply untrue and quite frankly, would not be possible in a school of 1000+ students."

The spokesperson said students are able to access the toilets throughout the day but the blocks are locked and unlocked by an "on call" staff member during lessons.

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They explained: "At break and lunch times, the toilets are all open for students to access freely. Students are encouraged to use the toilet during social times and can request to use the toilet during lessons.  

"Any parent or any visitor is welcome to come and see us in action at any time, it is a great academy and one we are very proud of. "  

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