Who is Professor Chris Whitty? England's chief medical officer

MILLIONS of people have been listening into Boris Johnson's press conferences everyday to find out the latest on the coronavirus outbreak.

But who is Professor Chris Whitty, the health expert who has become a feature during the Prime Minister's daily addresses.

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Who is Professor Chris Whitty?

Professor Whitty is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, the UK's government Chief Medical Adviser and head of the public health profession.

He is also Chief Scientific Adviser for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), meaning he is responsible for the department's research and development.

Professor Whitty is also a practising NHS consultant physician at University Hospitals (UCLH) and the Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

His career in Whitehall has spanned 11 years.

What has he said about the coronavirus pandemic?

As the Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Whitty has been the leading voice for the Government in its fight against the coronavirus.

He recently urged young people to exercise great caution due to the outbreak: "It is clear that children get this disease much less strongly than adults, I think the data on that is pretty strong now, and it certainly is the case that the majority of those that end up dying sadly are people who tend to be either in the later part of their lives, usually quite elderly, or those with pre-existing health conditions.

"But there are also some young people who have ended up in intensive care or who have ended up with severe disease around the world.

"I think it’s important that we don’t give the impression that every single person who is young and healthy is just going to breeze through this."

What has he done aside from politics?

Outside of politics, Professor Whitty is also an epidemiologist and has valuable experience tackling a virus, like the coronavirus, having played a crucial role in advising the UK on the Ebola epidemic in 2014

The 53-year-old is a relatively private person who never discusses his personal life or interests, according to Whitehall sources.

He is unmarried and doesn't have any children, but is known to play tennis and enjoy a drink.

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