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CHANEL TAYLOR was a hairdresser from Nottinghamshire who was shot dead on Friday, July 30, 2004.

This is story of Chanel Taylor, who was murdered by her father Terry Rodgers just seven weeks after getting married.

Who was Chanel Taylor?

Chanel Taylor, 23, was a hairdresser that lived in in Chesterfield Road, Mansfield with her boyfriend, Lee Taylor.

Chanel was the daughter of an abusive father, Terry Rodgers, who used to perform acts of violence towards his wife and children.

Once she and Lee, 22, got married, they moved into a terraced house in New Street, together with her father.

They were together for four years before they tied the knot.

When Chanel died, Lee was left heartbroken and he said: "Chanel was everything to me, not just my wife, she was also my best friend.

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"We had been through so much in our four years together and had become a stronger, closer couple. We knew each other inside out, talked for hours and always made each other laugh. I loved her so much."

During her funeral, Lee said: "All those plans have been taken away now. I feel like I have lost everything."

In her funeral, Chanel had people dress up in her favourite colours – purple and lilac – while her coffin was carried with a horse-drawn carriage and covered with lilac-coloured wreaths.

It was held in St Katherine's Church, Teversal.

What happened to Chanel Taylor?

After several times in which Terry attacked Chanel's mother, Anne, with knives and forks and threatened her with a hammer, she decided to kick him out of the house.

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Chanel decided to let her father move in with her and her boyfriend in Mansfield.

Once Chanel and Lee got married and moved into their new house, her father followed as he still had no other place to go.

Once she arrived from her honeymoon, she asked her dad to move out.

This is the reason that Terry's friend gave for a father to kill his own daughter. Terry shot Chanel twice in the head and twice in her body and ran away.

Lee arrived home at around 1pm on July 30, 2004 to find his newly-wedded wife found in the kitchen diner.

Terry was found in the woods – following a 17-day police search which included 450 officers from eight different stations – on August 16.

It was said that he surrendered and gave himself in without struggling but in court he did not admit that he killed his daughter.

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He case was taken to trial but was never heard because Terry died a week before it started.

Terry died of bronchial pneumonia in prison, after he refused to eat. In a document dated July 28, 2005, it showed that Terry said: "My intention is to be with my daughter."

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