Wipeout! Incredible moment jet-ski rider saves surfer from 50ft wave

Wipeout! Incredible moment jet-ski rider rescues surfer from 50ft wave… only for it to bear down on them and swallow them up before they emerge unscathed

  • Surfing pro Lucas Chumbo saved by his teammate Ian Cosenza on a jet ski
  • World Surfer League described heroics as ‘one of the craziest rescues ever seen’
  • Rescue happened in the home of the largest wave ever surfed – Praia do Norte beach in Portugal 

The dramatic moment a jet ski rider pulled off an incredible rescue of a big wave surfer at Nazaré in Portugal has been captured on video as shocked onlookers watched the drama unfold.

The drone footage shows professional surfer Lucas Chumbo being towed into a monster wave on November 20th by his teammate Ian Cosenza on a jet ski.

After an impressive ride, the Brazilian exited the wave successfully and waited for his teammate to pick him up on the jet ski.

Professional surfer Lucas Chumbo surfs a wave at Praia do Norte beach shortly before being rescued by his teammate Ian Cosenza

Chumbo grabbed hold of Cosenza’s jet-ski as a giant wave threatened to engulf them

The jaw-dropping footage shows just how close Chumbo and Cosenza were to being totally swallowed by the crashing waters

However, as Cosenza approached Chumbo, another huge wave, measuring at least 50ft, rolled towards them threatening to flatten them both in the impact zone.

Chumbo managed to grab onto the sled on the back of the jet ski and Cosenza accelerated as fast as he could towards the shore.

But the drama didn’t end there: the two are now pursued by a mass of white water travelling at 60 miles per hour which quickly caught the pair and swallowed them up.

Remarkably both managed to escape from the wave unscathed thanks to their quick reactions

Luckily both men emerged safely from the giant wave as Cosenza rode them back to shore

Giant waves are normally no worry for Brazilian Lucas Chumbo, pictured here performing an ‘air reverse’ during a free surfing session in Nazare last week

When something like this happens it generally doesn’t end well but against all odds, Cosenza managed to ride the jet ski out of the mountain of churning foam and get them both to safety.

The WSL (World Surf League) described the heroic feat as ‘one of the craziest rescues ever seen.’

Chumbo is currently one of the best big wave surfers in the world.

Praia do Norte beach, near the fishing village of Nazaré, became famous worldwide in 2011 when Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara set a world record for the largest wave ever surfed at 78 feet.

Praia do Norte is a popular surfing destination and is home to the world record for the largest wave ever surfed

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