Woman guilty of murdering Army vet after luring her with fake pizza delivery before tasing, beating & strangling her

A WOMAN has been found guilty of murdering an Army veteran after luring her with a fake pizza delivery before tasing, beating and strangling her.

Erica Stefanko, 36, was arrested on Monday on charges of aggravated murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, felonious assault, retaliation, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.

Ashley Biggs was working at a Domino's Pizza in Ohio on June 20 2012 when she went missing.

Her body was found one day later and her ex-boyfriend and father of her child Chad Cobb was charged.

Cobb pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The Summit County Prosecutor said that Cobb tased, beat and strangled her and dumped her body in an empty field in Chippewa Township in Wayne County.

Now, over seven years later, Cobb's wife has been charged in the veteran's murder.

Police said that Stefanko ordered pizza on the night of Biggs' disappearance to a closed business.

She allegedly followed Cobb as he dumped Biggs' body before taking him home to wash off the evidence, according to the prosecutor.

Stefanko was taken into custody without incident during a traffic stop, police said.

A Jury found her guilty of one count of murder and one count of aggravated murder.

She will appear in front of a judge on January 11 for sentencing, where she could face life in prison with or without parole after serving 20 years.

Prosecutor Walsh said: "Today, more than eight years after she was brutally murdered, justice has come for Ashley Biggs. Thank you to the jurors who, under these unusual and extreme circumstances, thoroughly reviewed the evidence and determined Erica Stefanko was responsible for Ashley’s death.

"Thank you as well to the New Franklin Police Department who continued to investigate this crime. My office will fight for justice, no matter how long it takes."

When Cobb was arrested back in 2012 he was hiding in a wooded area behind a family member's home while Stefanko was with their children in an SUV nearby.

Stefanko and Cobb were married at the time when Cobb and Biggs were involved in a custody battle over their seven-year-old daughter.

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