Woman is stalked by her ex-partner three times on Just Eat app in terrifying harassment campaign – The Sun

A WOMAN was stalked by her ex-partner three times using the Just Eat app – sparking a terrifying warning to domestic abuse victims.

The woman, who has not been named to protect her identity, was harassed by her ex after he tracked her address using the app.

Despite having moved house three times in the last year, the offender was able to track her down after linking his debit card to her account.

He had registered his payment card on the account so they could pay for meals together when they were dating.

But, after splitting, his details remained on the account and he was able to access her location by logging in.

The case is a stark warning to app users, who should regularly change their username and password – and delete ex-partner's bank details from online accounts.

Juno Woman’s Aid, a charity helping domestic abuse victims, received confidential information about the case from Bedfordshire police.

Just Eat told Juno: "As with any online service, it is important to ensure your Just Eat account details are secure.

"It would not be possible for someone to have access to a customer's Just Eat order history unless that person either knew the customer's password or had access to the email address associated with the customer's account."

Nearly a third of all online domestic abuse is done through spyware or GPS locators on their phone or computers by a partner or ex-partner, according to research conducted by Juno.

Nearly 50% of respondents said they experienced direct threats to them or someone they knew.

For 85% of respondents, the abuse they received online from a partner or ex-partner was part of a pattern of abuse they also experienced offline.

A spokesperson from Just Eat told the Sun Online: "As with any online service, it is important to ensure your Just Eat account details are secure."

If you or someone you know is a survivor of stalking, harassment or domestic abuse, you can find out how to keep your account secure by clicking here.


  • Check email addresses associated with your account
  • Change your password frequently
  • Delete your account if you feel unsafe
  • If you receive any emails asking for financial or personal information email the company directly to verify email

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