Woman’s dishwasher lemon peel hack will guarantee shiny glasses EVERY time

ONE WOMAN shared a dishwasher lemon peel hack that will guarantee shiny glasses EVERY time.

She shared on TikTok why you should never toss out your old lemons.

TikTok user @lidseyjrodriguez – whose name is Lindsey, according to her profile – shared the hack with her followers.

"When you've used lemons, don't throw them away," she told her followers.

She showed the inside of her dishwasher, where she had leftover lemon rinds left on the top rack.

Turning the lemon over, she revealed the inside had been used.

"Just put them into your dishwasher and your glasses will be lovely and shiny," she said.

She pulled her glasses, revealing sparkling clean glasses with no water spots.

Lindsey advised in the comments: "Just use once or twice then throw."

TikTok users were blown away by the hack.

"W h a t ? I'm so trying that," one person commented.

Another user wrote: "Ooooh that's a good one!!! makes sense, def trying that."

"No freaking way?! Seriously?! Wow!! I'm living in a bubble!!" one person commented.

One person simply said: "Mind blown."

Several users shared another tip for leftover lemon rinds – putting it in the garbage disposal to freshen it up.

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