Yankees seek $626,000 from NJ ticket holder: court papers

So much for sitting in the nose-bleed section and eating peanuts at the ballpark.

A New Jersey man who signed up for swanky seats in a Yankee Stadium suite owes the Bronx Bombers more than $626,000 after allegedly skipping out on the bill, according to court papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

The Yankees claim Walter Hass agreed to an eight-year deal for eight seats that included $364,694.81 for seat license agreements, $911,737.24 for tickets and another $303,912.41 for food and beverages — not including booze.

Hass, 58, shared the spots in the Champions Suite with family and friends until he was sidelined by a battle with Lyme disease in 2017 that left him hospitalized, he told The Post.

“We’ve always been Yankee fans,” he said, naming Thurman Munson and Aaron Judge as his favorites. “Our seats are up front. We got to know some of the players. … It’s not about getting drinks and food and stuff like that, it was about the camaraderie, it was about the atmosphere.”

In all, the costs broke down to roughly $1,000 per seat per game — including free parking, he said.

Hass first signed up for the suite deal in 2012, but asked for and received a break on payment when he became ill, he said.

The two sides then renegotiated the agreement, but the Yankees charge that Hass bought playoff tickets without going through his team rep for 2017, 2018 and 2019 — all while failing to pay up on his regular seats.

They took Hass to arbitration, where the Yankees initially wanted an eye-popping $1.5 million before arbitrators knocked down the amount, awarding them the $626,000 in unpaid costs for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

The team filed papers in court last week to confirm the arbitration award.

Hass denied the allegations, claiming he paid in 2018 and that it was his brother who bought playoff tickets. He declined to specify how much he might owe and said he plans to sue the Yankees over the dispute — even though he has “no animosity” toward the team.

“The Yankees have been absolutely above board with this” he said.

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