You've been eating chocolate biscuits wrong all this time – here's how you should do it

BISCUIT lovers have been eating chocolate digestives upside down, scientists have discovered.

Boffins at Oxford University say that to maximise the taste of the treat we should eat them chocolate side down.

This way the cocoa coating makes direct contact with the tongue where the majority of taste buds are located.

We munch them the wrong way round because it is more visually appealing, according to a new report, and the same theory also applies to Jaffa Cakes and pringles.

Charles Spence, a gastrophysicist at the university, said: “We are visually dominant so that perhaps explains why we optimise experience for eyes rather than tongue.

“As Apicius, the ancient Roman gourmand, once said, ‘We eat first with our eyes.’”

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