Milk-Bath Nails Are the Unofficial Manicure of the Cannes Film Festival

Milk-Bath Nails Are the Unofficial Manicure of the Cannes Film Festival There have been quite a few head-turning beauty moments on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. From trendy “bixie” haircuts to outfit-completing hair accessories, we’ve been served endless mood board-worthy inspiration. But with four days left of the festival,

Why Hypochlorous Acid Should Be Your New Favorite Skin-Care Ingredient

You may start noticing hypochlorous acid listed on your skin-care products. Hypochlorous acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body, but it can also be manufactured for skin care. The skin-care ingredient has a variety of benefits, from reducing inflammation to killing bacteria. If you’re someone who reads the

Addison Rae Wants to Revive the Y2K Bump Hairstyle

Image Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz Whether you like it or not, Addison Rae is bringing back the pouf. Yes, you read that correctly — the bump hairstyle that thrived in the early- and mid-2000s is seeing a mini resurgence on social media. On May 11, Rae posted a TikTok

10 times Duchess Kate couldnt contain her broodiness – photos

Kate Middleton has three beautiful children with her husband Prince William, but there’s every chance the Duchess is pining after baby number four. ROn multiple occasions recently, the Prince has referred to his wife being “broody” and we’ve collated amazing candid shots of the Duchess with children proving just how maternal

White Cast Be Gone – Here Are 6 Sunscreens For Black Skin

The relationship between Black women and beauty and cosmetics hasn’t been a linear one. From lack of representation, to myths brought on by that lack of representation that have since been debunked, the industry still stands in a spot that leaves more work to be done. The idea that those

People share the memories they associate with their fragrances

Fragrance is deeply personal. It’s all about the smells you like, that complement your natural scent, and your lifestyle. However, what perhaps makes it the most personal of all beauty products is that fragrance is especially powerful when it comes to memory. Of all the senses, smell is the most

Praise be – the bestselling skincare brand in Sephora launches in the UK today

All products on this page have been selected by the editorial team, however Stylist may make commission on some products purchased through affiliate links in this article Inspired by Japan, Tatcha was the No 1 bestselling brand in Sephora in 2021. As a nation, we’ve gratefully received a number of

Butterfly-core is the nostalgic beauty aesthetic you’re going to see everywhere this summer

Written by Morgan Fargo The latest in the rush of nostalgic trends, butterfly-core covers make-up and hair. If I were a statistician, I would describe the return to nostalgic tropes as a “hockey stick” curve. From Y2K-inspired hairstyles to glitter eyeshadow and low-rise jeans, the trends we thought we left

Musicians Have Officially Taken Over the Beauty Space

Let’s rewind to last November: Machine Gun Kelly wins Favorite Rock Artist at the American Music Awards, then posts a series of pics showcasing his black-accented nail art. At the time, it sort of seemed like…nothing much; MGK is known for his nail art. But it turns out this was