Glossier’s new lipstick has the texture of butter

Glossier has really picked up the pace on its new launches recently. It was only last month that the beauty world went wild (Stylist included) for Cleanser Concentrate, the brand’s dirt-melting, pollution-lifting, skin-exfoliating cleanser. And now, it’s back with a new product up its (very trendy) sleeve: Glossier Ultralip. An

Glossier drops Ultralip, a new glossy lipstick

It was about time really. Glossier, known for their soft and no frills approach to makeup, has launched a new product: Ultralip. Uncharacteristically for Glossier, – normally they’re tight lipped about new products – the brand has teased the launch on their social media channels. Maybe they’re anticipating a frenzy

What Fans Really Think Of Britney Spears’ New Hair Color

In a series of Instagram posts, Britney Spears is revealing a vibrant and fun new hair hue. The singer, who was recently the subject of a controversial documentary, and, who as her fans know typically sports blonde locks, debuted a look that can only be described as pretty in pink.

This TikTok Hack Will Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade In Seconds

Okay, get this: you can create your perfect foundation with colors. Yes, colors. Goodbye overpriced foundations—you can create the perfect shade with just a color palette! Well, you might be wondering: “how do I create my shade?” It’s quite simple, really! According to TikTok user, KaeColors, the trick involves using

These at-home henna designs are the perfect way to celebrate Eid 2021

One of the many ways Eid al-Fitr is celebrated is by painting henna onto hands. As the celebration begins this year, henna artist Pavan Dhanjal tells us why she got into the art form and shares her tips on how you can create beautiful henna designs at home. Welcome to

"Flipside" Manicures Are Here to Give Your Standard Nail Art a Hidden Twist We think about nail art trends often at POPSUGAR — from “ice cube” nails that take inspiration from literal ice cubes to the “Pucci” manicure that marries bold colors and abstract patterns to match the designer’s geometric prints — but even despite how out-there they are becoming these days,

Amazon's Summer Fashion Sale: Best Deals on Rebecca Minkoff Handbags

Each product has been independently selected by our editorial team. We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms. Summer is almost here and while we’re focused on spring cleaning and clearing out the closet, we’ve found some room for new

The Real Difference Between Laser Hair Removal And Electrolysis

If you’ve chosen to remove hair from your legs, underarms, and other body parts, chances are you’ve at least thought about laser hair removal or electrolysis. While you can shave, use depilatory cream, wax, sugar, tweeze, or thread (via One Medical), it all gets tedious after a while. The cost