Katy Perry Hair Makeover: She Debuts Long & Luscious Blonde Locks – See Before & After Pics

Jaws dropped after Katy Perry debuted a new hair makeover that many of her fans have never seen before! Talk about being your own “Firework!” Katy Perry, 35, got up close and personal with her fans when she shared a glamorous selfie of her new hairstyle on Instagram on Saturday,

This $34 Shampoo Brought Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Postpartum Hair Back to Life

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has the whole room's attention when I meet up with her in Santa Monica to celebrate Hourglass's new Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick. She's ceiling-to-floor stunning in an asymmetrical black dress, with the most flawless complexion I've ever seen. But make no mistake, the model will be

The differences between a curling wand and a curling iron

It could be a “blink and you miss it” difference: curling irons have a clamp and wands don’t, but both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Curling irons have been around for a while — since 1890 in fact, which is when Leaf says hairdresser Marcel Grateau came up with

This razor has been designed especially for sensitive skin types

There’s nothing worse than ingrown hairs or a raw shaving rash – especially if you’ve got sensitive skin – but this razor is here to solve that.  While the choice of whether you shave your legs, underarms, face – anywhere, really, is totally yours – there’s no denying that the actual

Doing These 4 Yoga Poses Before Bed Can Help You Sleep Better

The real power yoga? A flow that helps you sleep soundly, so you wake up ready to seize the day (study after study confirms the link). Do this series from yoga instructor and massage therapist Amanda Kerpius, inspired by Healing Yoga (by Loren Fishman, MD), 30 minutes before bed to

Head to the Salon With Scissors and These 50 Bob Ideas

Head to the Salon With Scissors and These 50 Bob Ideas Many of us have a little voice in our heads continuously chanting “Chop it off!” as we gaze at our hair in the mirror. While deciding to take the plunge can be difficult, once you do, you’ll have a

Marsai Martin's Flawless Braided Bob and Spiral Hair Gems Are So Quintessentially '90s

Marsai Martin’s Flawless Braided Bob and Spiral Hair Gems Are So Quintessentially ’90s Marsai Martin went all out ’90s for her appearance at the Lexus Uptown Honors Hollywood event in Los Angeles. The Black-ish actor, and Little producer, wore a flawless box braid bob that threw it all the way

Lana Condor Launched Her Own YouTube Channel & Her First Tutorial Is A Must-Watch

There are few things you’d think celebrities could do to surprise people nowadays. But here’s one you didn’t expect: Lana Condor has a YouTube channel now, and for her first video, she’s showing fans her everyday makeup routine. Condor already has had her hands full with the Netflix-famed To All

Tati Westbrook’s Response To Blendiful Drama Aims To Clear The Air

Following a whirlwind few months of the successful launch of Tati Beauty’s Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 Palette and the "game-changing" Blendiful tools, the brand hit a minor bump in the road. After some consumers reported that they experienced issues such as rips, tears, and stubborn stains with their Blendiful tools,

Jessica Simpson Goes From Full Glam to a Fresh Face For Glamour's February Issue

Jessica Simpson’s most recent cover interview takes the term “open book” to a new level. The singer and mom of three covers Glamour‘s February digital issue where she’s seen in a promo video transforming from wearing full glam to nothing but eyelash extensions. “One of the most important things I’ve