All You Need For This Standing Core Crusher Is 2 Water Bottles

Pre-coronavirus pandemic, your workouts might have featured high-end equipment and machines. Or maybe you’re more old school, opting for well-worn barbells and rusty plates that have had their share of clanging and banging. However you trained then, the social-distancing and self-isolation in effect today means getting a solid sweat on

How To Participate In e.l.f’s Latest Eye, Lips, Face, Safe TikTok Challenge

Everyone should be doing their part to maintain social distancing and follow CDC best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, a beauty brand is joining in to help bring those best practices to social media. e.l.f’s Eyes, Lips, Face, Safe TikTok campaign remixes the brand’s iconic and viral campaign from

Here’s how to have the best bath of your life

Written by Shannon Peter We like to think Brits excel at baths but, according to Dr Barbara Kubicka, author of The Bath Project, it’s time to up your soaking game. Borrow from these mind-soothing, skin-softening bathing traditions from cultures all around the world and sink in to your best bath yet.

10 of Our Editors' Hands-Down Favorite Bath and Body Works Products

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Black Chamomile Body Wash & Foam Bath Walking into Bath & Body Works is truly a magical experience. Everyone is smiling, it smells of a mix of baked goods and fresh flowers, and pretty packaging surrounds you with bright, cheerful colors. It’s no wonder we

12 Great Face Masks From Sephora That Will Keep Your Skin in Check

12 Great Face Masks From Sephora That Will Keep Your Skin in Check We’re spending a lot of time inside, so now’s your opportunity to focus on taking care of your skin. For us, that means lots of face masks. We love them because we can use them while we’re

Can the blue light from screens cause skin damage?

Following research into the effect that the blue light emitted from screens can cause damage in a similar way to the sun’s rays, we look into the products that are specially designed to protect our skin… Blue light from your laptop, phone and tablet has been linked to premature skin

22 Creams That Will Rescue Your Hands From Washing Them Too Much

Considering we’re washing our hands constantly due to the coronavirus pandemic, our skin is suffering & drying out, so we rounded up all of the best hand creams that will replenish skin in no time! The coronavirus pandemic has taken the entire world by storm and the number one rule

The Art Of Video Call Makeup: What To Know Before Your Next Zoom Meeting

Working from home is a major adjustment in almost every way. Some of those are positive (no pants required) and others are, well, a little more complicated (endless distractions). If you’ve recently transitioned to working from home, it can be hard to navigate — even without a pandemic to worry about.

Don't Know the Difference Between Protein Treatments and Deep Conditioners? Read This

Don’t Know the Difference Between Protein Treatments and Deep Conditioners? Read This When it comes to maintaining and hydrating your hair, you’re likely often advised that the main products you should be regularly using are protein treatments and deep conditioners. For anyone who doesn’t know, these are products — mask

Build Chest Muscle and Ab Strength With This At-Home Workout

Not all your serious muscle-building work needs to take place in the gym. Yes, you actually can build solid muscle and take your body to its limits at home. It’s easy to forget that and think that your body needs load, load, and more load in order to make gains