I’m 40 but look more like 20, my $65 oil hack is the secret to looking younger, it’s a must if you travel a lot | The Sun

AN age-defying mom has revealed a beauty staple that she swears by for slowing the signs of aging on her face. She applied the skincare essential while sitting on a plane as she claimed it kept her looking up two decades younger than her age. Nicole Williams English (@justtnic) has

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BARGAIN hunters are scrambling to get to their nearest Aldi, desperate to get their hands on roast beef joints. So if you still haven’t done your food shopping for Christmas and are looking to bag yourself a bargain, you’ll need to check this out. Particularly if you're not a fan

Nursery school teacher shares the 5 kids toys that could ‘land you in A&E this Christmas’ | The Sun

A NURSERY school teacher has revealed the five toys that you should never give your children at Christmas, as they are dangerous and could lead to serious injury. Lauren Paige shared the revelation via a video posted to her TikTok channel, where she is known as @kindergartenthoughts and often shares

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EVERY woman has had at least one item in their wardrobe that confused them. After finally finding the perfect top to wear under her sweater, one woman made a hilarious discovery. In her video, Poppy (@poppylaur) showed her followers the look she had created. "Over a year ago, my friend

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EVERYONE needs a comfy tracksuit to lounge around in during the winter months. But if you're on the lookout for the winter wardrobe staple, then Costco could just be the answer. That's because shoppers have been going wild for a DKNY tracksuit that costs just £19, with many calling it

Primark is selling a cult favourite dupe of Bobbi Brown's Face Base primer and it's on SALE for less than £3 | The Sun

MONEY-SAVING shopper are scrambling to Primark where you can bag a dupe of the posh Bobbi Brown Face Base for under a fiver. Fellow Primark fans will know that their Vitamin Enriched Moisturising Primer has been around for a few years – but now the cult favourite product's on sale

I run a laundry – here's why you should never use fabric softener, my alternative will save you a fortune | The Sun

A REBEL laundry owner who is taking on "big laundry" says that you don't need fabric softener. Ed Willes started his laundromat company 'allavare' in 2021 pledging to take on "faceless" brands who he says don't care about the customer. Now, Willes has revealed his three tips for washing your

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IT can be incredibly difficult to think of a Christmas gift for a teacher that they actually want. But one mum has shared how she made a gorgeous present for her kid's teacher, and it cost her just £12. Alyssa initially used a Stanley cup and included a £20 Starbucks

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ONLY those with perfect vision can spot the mama duck and her brood in this real-life illusion. If you're a puzzle fanatic and an animal lover then this brainteaser is for you. Somewhere among the rocks is a duck and her three ducklings – can you spot them? As both

Weekly horoscope for December 10 to 16: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed | The Sun

ARIES MAR 21 – APR 20 When you open up to the right people, the right responses can follow – but choose carefully. Someone may be putting on a convincing show,  but your deepest heart can tell, when you let it.  Your cash chart is on fire, and a deal