Inside Carol Vorderman’s jaw-dropping transformation from bookish Countdown star to sex symbol at 61 | The Sun

FOR decades, she was the numbers whizz who impressed the nation with her mathematics genius on Countdown. But in recent years, Carol Vorderman, 61, has been flaunting more than just her intellect and has amassed a large following of admirers. Since hitting our screens on Countdown in 1982, the Bedford-born

Behind Queen Camillas gold pendant necklace she rarely takes off

Queen's funeral: Camilla appears to gesture towards Charlotte We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info Queen Camilla has

I'm trolled for being plus-size but I don't care – I still wear bras as tops | The Sun

AN influencer gets trolled for being plus-size but she insists she's unbothered by the negativity. TikTok user FinauSuliana exudes confidence on the video-sharing platform and recently shared a video of herself wearing a bra as a top paired with a plaid skirt and fluffy slippers. As an original sound from

I’m shaped like a Kardashian – people think my body is fake until they see my mom | The Sun

THE COVETED Kardashian hourglass shape has been a frequent request for plastic surgeons worldwide. However, one digital content creator shared her woes as a woman who was given the sexy shape by her mom's genes. Andrelys Segovia is a personal trainer and nutritionist who creates online fit plans for clients

I bought Kim Kardashian's SKIMS to try out – I wasn’t expecting much there’s a design feature which is absolutely genius | The Sun

A FASHION fan has had her say on whether Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS range lives up to the hype. Billie, who is on TikTok as @moonsofleo_, bought a pair of the US reality star’s all body SKIMS in a 4X to see for herself.  After unpacking them and trying them on,

I’m a mum and my simple hack gets overtired babies to sleep in seconds – it works every time | The Sun

CRYING babies and sleepless nights, all new parents will know the struggle of a baby that just won’t go to sleep.  But thanks to one mum, you won’t have to walk around with your baby in a pushchair for half an hour, struggling tirelessly to try and get them to

I live in a council house and work hard so I can afford to do it up – people on benefits make us all look bad | The Sun

A MAN who resides in a council house has hit back at people who assume they're all living the life on benefits. Over the years, we've seen many people give their homes a transformation, a growing number of whom live in council houses. Unfortunately, to this day, there are still

I'm a fashion whizz – how to look chic when wearing cheap clothes from Tesco, Sainsbury's & Asda | The Sun

WHEN we see a Tesco superstore or pop into our local Morrisons, we typically think of food. But over the years, these British favourites have also become secret style hotspots where those who live and breathe all things fashion find hidden gems. Amongst those is Emma Bird, a professional stylist,

I found an amazing quality dupe for Kim Kardashian’s Skims loungewear on Amazon for just $51.99 | The Sun

DRESSING warm and cozy during the cold weather season is essential. Skims loungewear includes the perfect options, but the prices are a bit steep. Luckily, one midsize influencer shared an Amazon dupe that's only $51.99 for three items. Between the soft textures and comfortable stretch, Skims loungewear is exceptionally made.