Hillary Clinton compares Trump fans to Nazis at Ohio campaign event

Hillary Clinton compares Trump fans to NAZIS who were ‘drawn in by Hitler’ as she claims supporters at his Ohio rally performed an Qanon index finger salute – Trump camp calls her attack ‘pathetic and divisive’ Hillary Clinton criticized the hand gesture made by Trump supporters at the GOP senate

We're a family-of-four cramped in a two-bedroom home – the housing association won't let us swap for a bigger home | The Sun

A FAMILY-of-four who are cramped in a two-bedroom home say their housing association won't let them swap for a bigger house. Andrew Vincent claims Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) is not allowing them to formally swap homes with a couple who live nearby in a three-bed house and who want to

Tesla job listings detail Elon Musk’s vision for 'thousands of Humanoid Robots within our factories'

Tesla (TSLA) job postings reveal the electric vehicle maker is doubling down on humanoid robots. Reuters recently reported the company is ramping up ambitious plans to develop the Tesla Bot, also known as Optimus, with internal meetings and hiring for about 20 positions including software and firmware engineers, deep learning

Syrian official says so far, 77 dead in migrant boat sinking

ARIDA BORDER CROSSING, Lebanon (AP) — At least 77 people were killed when a boat carrying migrants from Lebanon sank off Syria this week, the country’s health minister said Friday, amid fears the death toll could be far higher. The incident was deadliest so far as a surging number of

MCCAIN: Teacher wearing fake boobs is proof we are paralyzed by the PC

MEGHAN MCCAIN: A school ‘protecting’ a teacher’s right to wear massive triple-X rated fake boobs in class isn’t about trans rights – it’s final proof we are paralyzed by insane political correctness It was a sight to behold. Spreading like wildfire across the internet this week were amateur videos and

Welsh estate with its own river and ponds up for sale for £3.75million

Country plot is real little gold mine: 500-acre forest estate up for sale for £3.75million comes with its own river, ponds, and 19th century shaft where precious metal was excavated The countryside property comes with its own river and a 19th Century shaft where metal was excavated  The 500-acre site in Wales

Russia begins sham referendums in occupied Ukraine

Putin’s sham referendums begin: ‘Voters’ queue at polling stations and police go door-to-door with ballots in occupied Ukraine – raising fears despot will escalate the war by declaring Russia itself is under attack Russia has begun staging referendums in occupied parts of Ukraine today  Police will take ballots door-to-door to

Blinken says UN must tell Putin to stop 'reckless nuclear threats' over Ukraine

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday called on the United Nations to send a clear message to Russia’s Vladimir Putin demanding an end to his “reckless nuclear threats.” Blinken, addressing a U.N. Security Council meeting, said Putin has “doubled down” on the conflict despite concerns from the international community

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer's father Lionel? | The Sun

ON July 23, 1991, Lionel Dahmer discovered along with the rest of the world – that his son Jeffrey, was a murderer who had carried out some of the most henious crimes ever committed in the United States.  Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer, sex offender and cannibal who committed the murder

Adam Levine allegedly sent inappropriate messages to 4 women, 'swears' no affair happened

More women have come forward accusing Adam Levine of sending raunchy messages while married to Behati Prinsloo. The Maroon 5 frontman apologized to his family on Tuesday after Instagram model Sumner Stroh claimed she had a year-long affair with the singer. Levine is publicly and privately denying anything physical happened,