6 Saudi nationals detained for questioning after NAS Pensacola shooting: official

Special Report – Friday, December 6 Today on ‘Special Report’, Bret Baier discusses the deadly shooting at a Florida naval air station; plus, the White House rejects the invitation to attend the impeachment hearings. Six Saudi nationals were detained for questioning Friday near a naval air station in Pensacola, Fla., after

Hunt for wanted sex offender, 51, with ‘Pot Head’ marijuana tattoos and inked eyebrows – The Sun

POLICE are hoping to smoke out a man with the rather unique markings of a cannabis leaf and the words "Pot Head" tattooed on his forehead. Douglas Perry Christopher, 51, is wanted by Washington County Sheriff's Office – and its hoped his tatts could help identify the Ohio sex offender.

Pensioner loses £193,000 inheritance after getting sort code wrong

Pensioner loses £193,000 inheritance after getting one digit wrong on his sort code – as Barclays customer who wrongly received the cash REFUSES to give it back Peter Teich, 74, from Cambridge, had £193,000 sent to the wrong bank account After Barclays refused to refund it as their customer would

Woman busted for pepper-spray attack in Upper East Side subway station

A woman was busted for pepper-spraying a trio of strangers inside an Upper East Side subway station Friday morning, police said. The woman was squabbling with a man as they got off a train at the 86th Street and Lexington Avenue 4/5/6 station around 9 a.m., authorities said. At some

Gunman who killed three at US Naval base was Saudi Arabian aviation student

A gunman who killed three people at a US Naval base Friday is a Saudi Arabian aviation student, with the FBI now investigating whether the massacre was a terror attack. Five US defense officials confirmed the killer’s identity to CNN, although he has not yet been named. The shooter killed

Inside neo-Nazi social network The Base that coordinates secret paramilitary training for ultra-violent US extremists – The Sun

A NEO-Nazi social media network coordinating secretive paramilitary training for extremists hell-bent on committing acts of right-wing terror "poses a significant risk to public safety", experts say. The Base is a group that unites white separatists who allegedly wish to carry out acts of violence against the government, Jews, people

Indian police shoot dead four gang-rapists during 'escape attempt'

Police shoot dead four gang-rapists who tried to escape as they were re-enacting how they attacked and murdered a veterinary doctor in India – sparking celebrations at their deaths Four men accused of gang raping, killing and then burning the corpse of a vet whose scooter had broken down have

Amtrak service suspended from New York to Boston, New Haven

Amtrak service has been temporarily suspended from New York to Boston and New York to New Haven after reported power outages. An emergency notification sent by New York City announced the passenger rail service was being suspended between New York and Boston in both directions due to “an overload problem”

British woman's heart stops for six hours but she SURVIVES

British woman’s heart stops for six hours but she SURVIVES in what Spanish doctors are calling an ‘exceptional’ hypothermia-induced case British woman survived over six hours with no heartbeat in unprecedented case Spain-based Audrey Schoeman suffered hypothermia-induced cardiac arrest She was later revived, with doctor calling the case ‘exceptional on