Planned Parenthood Rejects Title X Funding: What That Means & How It Will Affect Women Like You

Planned Parenthood will voluntarily no longer receive Title X funding after declining to follow new, restrictive rules about abortion services from the Trump administration. Learn more about how this can affect YOUR reproductive rights. Planned Parenthood announced in a shocking statement on August 19 that the organization would be withdrawing

Inside the sinister world of ‘far right’ Woden’s Folk cult who hold secret hooded ceremonies at National Trust sites round the UK – The Sun

AS hooded men face each other with their lit torches in the dead of night, their leader asks an ancient god for strength in a coming race war. This might sound like a terrifying American cult, but this is the scene at various historical sites in Britain today. Last week,

GBBO’s selfie-loving new line-up of 13 contestants

The Great British POSE off! GBBO’s selfie-loving new line-up of 13 contestants from globe-trotting F1 fan who posts fitness routines on Instagram to author who’s ALREADY promoting her own bakery novel This year’s line up of Great British Bake Off contestants are selfie obsessed globe-trotting Instagram users  Party-loving fashion designers,

‘MS-13 slaughtered both my sons – they rip people’s hearts out, kill kids and they're getting worse’ grieving mum tells how notorious gang destroyed her family

MARABELLA was wracked with worry when her 16-year-old son didn’t come home from school one night. Having moved to Los Angeles from El Salvador looking for a better life, they were close and the teen would always tell her if he would be late home. Marabella* immediately thought the worst,

Flight logs from Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet ‘show Prince Andrew in same place as alleged sex slave on three occasions’ – The Sun

PRINCE Andrew was in the same area as Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged ‘sex slave’ Virginia Giuffre on three occasions, flight logs reportedly show. Records from Epstein’s jet, dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’, show Virginia’s movements in 2001 – when she claims to have had sex with the duke. Flight logs, seen by

FDNY fireman’s widow sues city over Ed Norton movie set blaze

The widow of a firefighter who perished responding to a Harlem blaze that broke out during the filming of actor Edward Norton’s “Motherless Brooklyn” has filed suit against the city for not providing her husband with a safe work environment. Eileen Davidson — whose husband Michael Davidson died March 22,

Gang of thugs, 12 and 13, brutally kill hedgehog by ‘kicking it like a football’ in the street – The Sun

A GANG of thugs killed a hedgehog by "kicking it like a football" in the street. The four youngsters, believed to be aged 12 and 13, were spotted attacking the creature by a passer-by. They tried to intervene but the helpless animal was already dead, it's reported. The horrific attack