From severe headaches to a persistent cough – the 9 symptoms you should never ignore | The Sun

IT CAN be easy to chalk up various symptoms you're experiencing to tiredness, stress, something bad you ate or viruses circulating. You might put off speaking to a doctor about them unless you feel iffy for a few days or your symptoms get worse. But there are some signs you

Measles is making deadly comeback thanks to anti-vaxxer propaganda

JOHN HUMPHRYS: Measles blinded my father as a boy. Now, it’s making a deadly comeback thanks to shameful propaganda from the moronic anti-vaxxers It was one of those rare perfect winter days. The snow had stopped falling during the night, the sky had cleared and the streets were coated in

My boyfriend gave me a necklace made from his blood

My boyfriend gave me a necklace made from his blood – I’m obsessed with it but some people think it’s like witchcraft Dani Apples, a US-based TikToker, said her boyfriend visited a ‘bloodsmith’ READ MORE: The origin of the ‘Nokia tune’: TikToker reveals where the iconic ringtone comes from – and

5 simple ways to support people with dementia at Christmas

For many families, Christmas is an exciting, fun-filled time marked by colourful decorations, a delicious dinner and the constant chatter of friends and family. For hundreds of thousands of people living with dementia though, the festive season can be challenging at best and, at worst, terrifying and confusing. One in

Victoria takes a swipe at ‘underhanded’ federal government over NDIS

Save articles for later Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. The Victorian government has taken a swipe at the federal government over its dealings on the $40 billion National Disability Insurance Scheme, accusing it of being underhanded and keeping states in the dark

NICCE currently has 70% off its matching loungewear in the Black Friday sale

OK! has put together a comprehensive guide to the shopping event with answers to common questions likewhen is Black Friday 2023? The nights are getting darker, the temperature is dropping, and there’s nothing better than staying home and getting cosy on the sofa with a good film and a hot

Brit splits opinion after creating UK chocolate tier list

‘That’s criminal!’ Chocolate fan divides opinion with controversial list dividing UK confectionery into tiers – but do YOU think he got it right? Liam Vizeh split opinion after creating a UK chocolate bar tier list Read More: Iconic chocolate bar is discontinued leaving fans furious A Briton has divided opinion online