Pink Brings Pop Back to Hollywood Bowl With Acoustic Set at ‘All I Know So Far’ Premiere

“We’re out and I’m not in sweatpants,” Pink proudly announced as she stepped out onto the stage of the Hollywood Bowl for the premiere of her new Amazon Prime Video documentary, “Pink: All I Know So Far,” which she described as “a movie about my family, and some stadium stuff.”

‘Detention damages these children’: New push to raise age of criminality above 10

Almost 50 groups representing lawyers, doctors and advocates have asked Australia’s attorneys-general to raise the age of criminal responsibility, in a renewed push to stop children as young as 10 being sent to prison. Forty-eight parties including the Australian Medical Association, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Law Society of NSW and

Fashion graduate who moved to India adopts 12 children

Fashion graduate, 34, who moved to India to look after orphans with special needs reveals she’s adopted ELEVEN children – including two youngsters whose parents have lost their jobs because of Covid Courtney Lalotra, 34, from New Jersey, travelled to India in 2010 for college trip Decided to stay and

Woman claims drinking her own urine everyday has helped her lose 30lbs

Woman claims drinking, snorting and pouring her own urine into her eyes every day has cured her anxiety, improved her sight and helped her lose 30lbs Grace Jones, 32, from San Diego, has been doing ‘urine therapy’ for two weeks  Says she ingests it, snorts it, pours it into her

Lucille Ball’s grandchild using family name to honor daughter’s memory

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s granddaughter is happy to use her family’s “legacy as a platform” — if it means getting more young women to have mammograms. Julia Arnaz, 51, tragically lost her only child, 31-year-old Desiree Anzalone, to breast cancer last September, and she is now trying to set

U.S. commits to admitting 250 asylum-seekers per day in concession to advocates

As part of negotiations in a federal court case, the Biden administration has agreed to allow up to 7,750 asylum-seekers stranded in Mexico to enter the U.S. each month, the top American Civil Liberties Union lawyer overseeing the lawsuit told CBS News Monday. Under the new agreement, the Biden administration

What Has Mads Mikkelsen Been in and What Is His Net Worth?

Mads Mikkelsen plays evil oh so well. He played the villain in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, will be replacing Johnny Depp as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 3, played the terrifying Dr. Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal on NBC, and even played a Bond villain in Casino Royale.

Summer favourite under threat as supplies of Cadbury Flakes run low

That’s chilling news! Summer favourite under threat as supplies of Cadbury Flakes to go in your ice cream run low High demand for ice cream toppers is affecting flake supplies in UK and Ireland Mondelez said it was unsure how long the ‘unexpected’ shortage would last   Fans of 99s have

New NBA owner Alex Rodriguez spotted at Basketball Hall of Fame night

More On: alex rodriguez Why Bennifer 2.0 is the real deal: ‘J.Lo was always obsessed with Ben’ There’s always room for J.Lo at A-Rod’s table Intruder spotted on grounds of Ben Affleck’s Los Angeles mansion A-Rod seen for the first time since Bennifer’s Montana trip New Timberwolves owner Alex Rodriguez