Jess Wright reveals very different home to brother Mark and Michelle Keegans mansion transformation

Former TOWIE star Jess Wright, 38, has shared that her home makeover will be 'very different' from her brother Mark's lavish £3.5 million mansion in Essex.

Jess and her husband William Lee-Kemp are currently renovating their house, just weeks after Mark and his wife Michelle Keegan completed their own grand home transformation.

Jess revealed to the Mirror at the Pride of Britain Awards: "Watch this space because my house is being renovated so we're… It's not going to be house wars but they're very different, but yeah."

She added: "They are very different houses but we're in the midst of it all now but it's quite stressful but we're getting there."

Jess, former reality star and sister to Mark Wright, has shared her thoughts on her brother's stunning home saying: "It's lovely."

When asked about her favourite part of the house, she revealed: "The bar area because I always get up on the mic and sing karaoke."

In August, Michelle and her husband Mark hosted a grand party to celebrate the completion of their four-year mansion transformation.

The star-studded event was attended by celeb friends including James 'Arg' Argent, who even performed at the party.

Sharing a video of the party highlights on their home Instagram page, the couple wrote: "A long time coming. We did it!! Thanks to all our loved ones and the people that made it so special home!!"

However, not everyone has been supportive of Mark and Michelle's dream home journey. Some of their extravagant home updates have caused a stir on Instagram, with one follower calling a post showing off their mansion as "insensitive".

One person commented: "I would like to say your house is breathtaking and so beautiful. I feel that it's all so insensitive due to the fact millions of families with children are struggling to buy essentials and can't afford to keep warm and clean.

"I don't speak personally here just pointing [out] facts. Families are being slaughtered in Israel, families have been wiped out by war. There is so much more to life than just being materialistic. and it's not all about how big houses are and how much you have.

"Sorry, but I had to say this as see this more and more people just bragging. It's very sad."

However, many fans jumped to their defence. One wrote: "Michelle n Mark have never bragged about what they have, they both work hard 4 a living n why shouldn't they have a beautiful home 2 live in,my lord if I get a good lottery win I will b livin like that."

Another added: "it's a home account so what else would you expect? You can simply hit unfollow."

A third chimed in: "it's a home account? To show their home, it's very beautiful, it's not their fault there are other problems in the world or that they are wealthy."

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