Kerry Katona and Brian McFaddens daughter Lilly, 20, says parents have put her off marriage for life

Kerry Katona’s 20-year-old daughter Lilly, who she shares with Brian McFadden, has admitted she has been put off marriage for life after her mum and dad have gone through multiple divorces.

Kerry and Brian officially tied the knot in 2002 and, after sharing two children together, Lilly and Molly, 21, separated just four years later in 2006. Mother Kerry has been married three times and Lilly’s father Brian has tied the knot twice in the past.

Speaking to MailOnline, Lilly said that one of the biggest things she has learned from her parents is “not to get married” and that seeing her parents get married multiple times is “proof that people can grow apart from their partner".

Lilly revealed: “Personally, I'm not a "marriage girl." I never have been and it's no reflection on my mum, it's a bit of an inside joke.”

She continued and said, that while she would like to wear a dress and have gifts, she studied law at college and says marriage is “just a legal contract".

“It's always seemed odd to me that to prove your love for someone you should sign a piece of paper that's legally binding. For me I just need to trust that they will stay,” she told the publication.

Lilly continued: “We never stop growing and unfortunately some people grow apart and that's the reality of life so why would I want to pay all the divorce lawyers and go through that?”

The young star added that she just want’s her future relationships to be “healthy” and that if they end up growing apart, she doesn’t want to make it more difficult and get a divorce.

Lilly said: “I want a wedding just not the marriage”.

Lilly also has half-siblings as Kerry went on to have three more children. She had 16 year old Heidi and 14 year old Max with her second husband Mark Croft, along with eight year old DJ, who she has with her third husband George Kay.

Lilly added that she loves being part of a “blended family” and treats all of her siblings the same.

It was recently revealed that Kerry begged for her daughter to join Love Island she can set a proper example to young women. She also revealed that her daughter has been approached twice to enter the show but has turned it down.

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