Michael Ball talks fights with partner he once rejected before romance

Michael Ball has opened up about his long-term relationship with former Ready Steady Go! host Cathy McGowan, who he admits he once turned away.

The 61-year-old is currently promoting his book Different Aspects: A Memoir, in which he dives into details about life with his partner and successful career.

Speaking to Gaby Roslin on BBC Radio 2, Michael revealed he initially refused to be interviewed by Cathy during rehearsals for Aspects of Love, before romance blossomed between them.

He spilled: “I met Cath, she came to interview me. I said I didn’t want to be interviewed by her, I should’ve stuck by that.”

Laughing, a stunned Gaby asked: “Did you really say that?”

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“Yeah,” he laughed. “We were sort of friends to start with and it was then when I went to America to do it that romance blossomed, and here we are 32 years later.”

The host went on to quiz Michael about his admission of Cathy being his biggest critic who gives him the “unvarnished truth”.

He added: “Yeah, but don’t you need that? You need somebody who is wise and has not no agenda than what is best for you.

“And yeah I listen to her, I really do. I fight with her,” he went on to say as Gaby chimed in: “But that’s normal.”

Michael and Cathy have been an item since 1992 following her divorce from Hywel Bennett.

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They have no children together, but she has a daughter named Emma from her first marriage.

With Cathy being 20 years his senior, Michael has admitted their “irrelevant” age gap is often asked about.

He told The Mirror: “She has taught me so much and made me laugh like a drain.

“People sometimes ask about the age difference but it’s irrelevant.

“No one would mention it if I were the older one. Why does it make any difference?”

Michael has also addressed why they have never chosen to marry in the past.

In 2019, the singer said it’s not something they have felt they needed to do, adding: “My public life is insane, but once that front door closes I leave that version of myself outside and I just like to relax at home.”

He added: “I could never have achieved what I’ve achieved without Cathy.

“She understood the need to have focus and stability at the beginning of my career and she’s been crucial to everything.”

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