Nardo Wick Entourage Attack Victim's Mother And Friend Speak Out

The mother and friend of George Obregon Jr., the Nardo Wick fan hospitalized following a disgusting attack carried out by Nardo’s entourage, saying the whole thing has left them sick and almost speechless.

Michelle Obregon, George’s mom, gave an update on her 20-year-old son’s condition — telling TMZ he’s currently stable — but doctors are fully monitoring him to assess if there’ll be any long-term damage.

George’s pal Connor Villa, who also attended the concert, tells us he was just a few feet behind his buddy when the vicious attack occurred.

He says Nardo’s team gave them a peculiar look as they walked over with their phones up after exiting the club … before unleashing the assault “out of nowhere” when George asked for a snap together.

Connor adds he was stunned when another member of the entourage continued to strike George after the first swing left him knocked out, leaning against the wall and unresponsive.

Connor tells us resorting to physical violence over a simple request for a picture was utterly ridiculous and should never have happened.

While George is now alert and talking … Michelle says he hasn’t gone into too much detail about the incident and doesn’t remember much.

The devastated mother adds she had “no words to say” when watching the clip of the attack … with her main priority being her son’s health — and ensuring that no other parents have to receive the devastating phone call she experienced.

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The incident is currently under police investigation … with a Tampa Police spokesperson telling us they’re asking the public to help identify the attackers. Anyone with information is urged to reach out to Tampa Police.

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