Sweary Poppins: Dame Julie Andrews admits foul-mouthed filming of iconic film

But the beloved British actress, 87, says fans would have been shocked by the expletives she let fly while shooting scenes for Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

Dame Julie, who won an Oscar for her 1964 role as everyone’s favourite nanny, has revealed her co-stars and crew needed more than a spoonful of sugar to sweeten her swearing on set.

The outbursts came when she had to squeeze into a harness to make the magical childminder fly.

It was so tight it left her badly bruised and, on one occasion, she was hurled to the ground when it became unhooked from an overhead line.

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“I landed hard and was quite shaken,” Dame Julie said in a US interview, adding: “I have to admit, I let fly a stream of colourful expletives.”

The following year, the hills were alive with the sound of X-rated language while filming one of her most memorable scenes as Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

On a bitterly cold, rain-swept Austrian mountainside, the down-draft from the helicopter filming the opening scenes “flung” her into the grass.

The veteran performer added: “We did this about six or seven times, and I was spitting dirt and hay”.

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The twice-married mother-of-three – who is co-producing an animated remake of The Pink Panther – said she took her own mother’s advice and refused to ever grumble about working conditions.

Dame Julie said: “My mum would drill into me, ‘Don’t you dare complain about anything. Get on with it and you’ll be respected so much more’.”

She added she is now more comfortable handling the pressure of fame than at the premiere of Mary Poppins.

“I was unprepared for all the pressure and scrutiny,” she recalled. “The feeling of being pulled, poked and shouted at.

“I couldn’t wait to go home.”

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