Bridesmaid shamed for not sharing £5,000 Lottery winnings with bride and groom after they gave out scratch card favours | The Sun

WEDDINGS are meant to be a joyous occasion, but things took a sour turn for one bridesmaid after she was gifted a scratch card from the newlyweds.

The couple tied the knot in Cyprus, and bought the scratch cards for all the guests as wedding favours.

One bridesmaid, called Sarah, and her partner, Paul, won a cool £5,000 on on of the scratch cards and everyone was seemingly happy for the pair, including the bride and groom.

But the next day at the holiday villa the friendship group were sharing another bridesmaid asked Sarah how much of her winnings she was planning to gift the newlyweds.

She explained on Reddit: "The next day, we all sat down to breakfast in the villa and were chatting about the wedding and Paul and Sarah's win.

"They were saying what they planned to do with the winnings and everyone was asking questions and I casually asked how much of it they were going to give to the bride and groom."


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The other bridesmaid insisted there was "no agenda" behind her question, and she wasn't trying to imply they should have to gift any money to the newlyweds.

Nonetheless, Sarah and Paul didn't take the question well and after stating the wouldn't be giving any away left the room.

"We sat in awkward silence for a bit, and Sarah got up and walked out," she explained.

 She continued: "Later by the pool it was clear Sarah had been crying and Paul said I was an ***hole for making them feel awkward and implying they were cheap."

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After the conversation neither Paul or Sarah spoke the other bridesmaid for the rest of the holiday, or since.

The bridesmaid decided to ask the rest of their friendship group if Sarah and Paul should have to give some of the money to the couple, and they agreed it would be the nice thing to do.

But after sharing the story on Reddit, users disagreed and said it was unfair to even ask.

One wrote: "The scratch card was a gift to them. There was a lot of presumption and implied judgment in your question and your subsequent conversation with them (which made you look even worse), whether you meant it or not.

"Mind your own business in the future."

A second agreed: "£5,000 is a great win but it's not so much they can share it without making their windfall pretty meaningless to them in the end.

"And because of the way you phrased the question you stopped them from making a kind gesture themselves and turned it into an obligation where the amount they decided to share would then be an issue for people to question if it was 'enough' or not.

"It's such a shame you turned something nice for them into something that made them sad."

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