I transformed my hated council house from drab to fab in 11 days using Wickes & Aldi bargains – but there was a blunder | The Sun

A DIY fan has shared a wonderful bathroom transformation using bargain buys from Wickes and Aldi. 

The DIY fan said she has just 11 days and £15 to complete her renovation. 

In a TikTok video online Natasha said: “Turning my council house into a home so this is day seven of 11 of what I can get done before I go back to work.”

Natasha said she limited herself to £15 spending money for her bathroom renovation. 

“So I still have £15 left of my budget and that's for my bathroom. I thought I'd get some vinyl and do the floor.” 

Before tackling the floors Natasha went over her ceiling paint with crown walls & ceilings matt emulsion from Wickes. 

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She said: “I also picked this up from Wickes. It was £2 and I just used it to go any bits that I’ve gone over. I literally used the tiniest concealer brush to neaten up the edges."

Natasha revealed she hated her bathrooms old look

She said: “This job has been long coming for a while because I absolutely hate my bathroom.”

Even though she hated her old bathroom vinyl Natasha said it seemed like it didn't want to go 

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“So I ripped up the old like vinyl stuff off the floor and it just had paint on it and everything it just needed to go.” 

“I was just so glad to see a goal but because of the adhesive the glue was just ridiculous so I just had to clean it all up and sweep it all up ready to put the vinyl down.”


"So this is a colour I went for I thought it looks so nice with the green and they obviously the marble as well."

Natasha admitted she did wish she had planned her renovation a bit better. 

She said: “I will see this was a lot harder than the benches. In hindsight I would have done it crossways over not like a long strip but it took quite a while to get around the sink and just to kind of make sure that I've got everything kind of where I needed  it to be.”

Natasha said she had picked up some tricks along the way. 

“If you've got like diagonal lines along the side it just makes it easy to cut around the Edge and I did speed up the process but it did still take quite a while.”

Natasha said she would be going over the edges of her flooring with sealant.

“I just trimmed down the little pieces on the edge and I am going to use like a bathroom sealant but I'm gonna use that just to do the floor just so it doesn't get wet or anything.”

But she added she is hoping the fact that her bathroom only has a toilet and sink.

Unfortunately Natasha material came just a little short of the size of her bathroom so she is hoping to find someone who can lend her some spare vinyl. 

She said: “But then I came across the problem and didn't have enough to finish. If by any chance anyone has any off cuts of this particular material and colour please let us know because I begrudge paying £10 for just a tiny piece.”

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Lastly Natasha decorated her bathroom with some items she already has as well as some bargain Aldi buys. 

She said: “So I put me daily put me clock up and then I just found some little gold accessories that I just had around the house. I got this burner for 99 pence like this is from Aldi like how goods that?”

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