I tried to give myself a 'unicorn cut' but it was a total fail – my locks ended up so wonky I had to lop off so much | The Sun

TIKTOK’S latest DIY hairstyling technique is the unicorn cut, a supposedly failsafe way to give yourself a chop. 

It involves tying your locks into a ponytail in front of your forehead (where a unicorn horn would go), securing another band at the length you want to chop your tresses, and then going in with the scissors. 

Seems easy, in theory – but as one influencer found, the reality can be a tad more tricky. 

Estelle Berglin is a gorgeous fitness, travel and lifestyle influencer, who has a combined 1.5 million followers on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. 

And in a recent clip, she shared the disaster that ensued when she decided to give the unicorn cut a whirl. 

“This was probably not a good idea,” Estelle wrote in huge letters across the clip she posted on her TikTok page @SweaStyle. 

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The video began with the blonde beauty's hair secured in a ponytail as the method instructs, and her sheepishly chopping it with kitchen scissors. 

“I cut my own hair at home,” she told viewers as she held the end of her ponytail in her hair, “let’s see the results.”

“That does not look straight,” she continued as she began to undo her ponytail. 

Letting her tresses cascade down, she told followers: “I’m going on a date after this, so I hope I didn’t mess this up.” 

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Standing back, Estelle quickly realised that the strands were completely uneven, gasping: “Oh NO!” 

“Why do I do this to myself?” she sighed as she brushed out her locks, once again pausing in astonishment when she realised quite how wonky the trim had turned out. 

The stunning influencer announced she had “no other choice” but to dive back in with the scissors, tying her hair into bunches and once again making the chop. 

Removing the bunches she shook out her hair, only to realise the left side wawa about two inches longer than the right! 

An exasperated Estelle cut the video at the point, adding she was going to weigh up whether to try and chop it again or hide the botched cut by styling it. 

The hilarious clip racked up a whopping 8.8 million views, with users flocking to the comments to share their advice. 

“Girl, if you keep on doing this you will end up with a bowl cut,” one joked. 

“Pls go to a hairdresser,” another begged. 

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