I wanted a chic new bob but my hairdresser gave me the worst chop in the world and now I look like Lewis Capaldi | The Sun

GOING to a new hairdresser for the first time is always a bit of a daunting experience. 

And for one unfortunate TikToker, her anxiety about visiting a new stylist proved to be very much justified. 

Samantha Hicks from Canada shared that her “worst nightmare came true” after she recently got a cut that left her “crying for two days”. 

The unlucky customer was after a short choppy bob, and did all the right things – including taking multiple pictures of a stylish, chin length cut for inspiration. 

The three snaps Samantha showed her hairdresser featured trendy wavy cuts, with soft layers and tresses a bit longer at the front to frame the face. 

However, as documented in a recent TikTok video, poor Samantha was left with a rather different result – a bizarre chop with short tufts of hair left around the front, and an almost blunt diagonal cut on the sides. 

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Samantha shared a snap of her “haircut fail”, revealing she’d cashed out a whopping £80 on the bob blunder.

“Time to go spend another £80 to get it fixed,” she added. 

Samantha seemingly took the fiasco in good humour, sharing the clip with a hilarious sound stating: “This is what I asked for… And this is what I got.” 

Her clip quickly racked up more than 250k views, with users in complete disbelief about how the salon could let her walk out with the botched barnet. 

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“You got the Lewis Capaldi,” one cheeker commenter wrote. 

“Girl nooo, they did you so dirty,” another added. 

A third compared the look to Severus Snape from ‘Harry Potter’.

The most bizarre part is that Samantha says the stylist came “highly recommended” – and for £80, you’d imagine you’d be getting a pretty stellar job. 

It’s not the only hair fail that’s been doing the rounds on TikTok recently. 

Beauty fan Rosie Desborough share that she’d asked for as blonde locks as possible, only to leave the salon with a streaky brown dye job that left her sobbing. 

And TikTok sensation Max Balegde claims he was left looking like “Chicken Little” when he tried out a new hairdresser after moving house. 

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