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WHEN parents Holly and Innocent applied for Rich House Poor House – they had no idea that their lives would change forever, instead of just the week of filming.

Holly, and Innocent, who works in mental health for the NHS are struggling to make ends meet like so many in the UK.

The couple live along with their two children and despite both having jobs struggle to afford the essentials of every day life.

"We became homeless, we ended up moving into a holiday let which was extremely expensive and took everything that we had and we worked for" she said as she opened up about her struggles on the Channel 5 series Rich House Poor House last night.

Fortunately, their luck changed and was offered an affordable house by a local landlord in Bridgewater, 'it's the best house,' Holly added.

Sharing their heartbreaking story on the programme, which airs every Sunday, Innocent reveals he works long hours but has little to show for it and barely gets time to see his family.



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Holly also used to work as a carer – but had to leave as the pair couldn't afford childcare.

With Innocent's job being the only source of income – the couple are left with less than £80 to survive on for the week.

"In the past things have got so bad we've visited food banks, my mum has transferred us money because she worried that we're not eating," says Holly.

Despite moving into more affordable housing – the couple have been unable to make it a home due to their lack of funds, even basics such as light shades.

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Lisa was shocked to have to live on £76 a weekCredit: channel 5
The couple were stunned by the spare cash they had for the weekCredit: channel 5

Holly and Innocent may not have a lot themselves, but constantly do charity work and give back to others in need by supplying care packages for children in the area who have nothing.

But it's a total different story just 70 miles away for Lisa, who has made herself a pretty fortune.

But Lisa who owns multiple businesses and develops properties came form humble beginnings as well.

At ten years old her parent's divorced leaving her mum struggling to make ends meet – at the age of 14 Lisa worked her first job sweeping at a hairdressing salon to help keep the family afloat.

Now 42, Lisa has lost count of designer handbags and even has three super cars.

The self-confessed Barbie lover has the pink hair, pink wardrobe and pink super cars to match her lavish life.

Switching lives for the week, Holly entered Lisa's luxury three-bedroom penthouse flat in Cardiff Bay which she shares with her chihuahua Chloe who she calls her ‘baby’. 

Her wardrobe boasts designer clothes from Moschino and Gucci, designer handbags and Alexander McQueen trainers.

The two families were shocked by the different lifestyles left and Holly couldn't believe she had £1,200 at her disposal rather than her £70 budget for food a week.

Holly was treated to a giant shopping spree as well as a haircut during her week living Lisa's life, whereas Lisa's week consisted of batch cooking and budgeting.

In the programme, Innocent was also tasked with driving Lisa's bright pink Porsche for the week and do a shift at Lisa's luxury car membership group.

"I'm feeling a bit nervous about my shift, it's been a long time since I worked in hospitality," said Holly.

She added: "I think up until this point I choose building a family life and family unit.

"But now I think I need to start doing something for myself, and focusing on my dreams."

But knowing what it's like to struggle, Lisa wanted to help Holly and Innocent accomplish their dreams.

Holly has always dreamed of opening a cafe and Lisa was quick to give her a cash injection to help her accomplish her dreams.

"I love cooking, cafes, restaurants, a business that's always been a dream of mine, I was planning on starting small with a coffee shop," Holly told Lisa after meeting her on the final day.

"You're hard-working dedicated, just maybe you haven't caught a break," replied Lisa as she offered a cash injection to get her dreams off the ground.

Stunned, Holly tried to hold back tears as she thanked Lisa for the money.

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As well as helping to get Holly's business off the ground – Lisa even helped kit the home out with cushions and decor to make it feel homely.

"Money doesn't buy happiness, but what it does do is give you time as a family and time to rest and eases pressure so you can enjoy time with the family," said Holly reflecting on a week of no money worries.

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