I’m a nanny for the rich & it’s the best job – I watch kids' TV and take 3-hour naps… plus the house is always clean | The Sun

A NANNY for the rich has revealed she has the best job ever as she gets to watch kids TV and nap in the afternoon. 

Callie took to her social media account to speak out about her day-to-day duties as she shared: “Being a nanny for rich people… Best thing ever.” 

She then went through her day so people could get a full understanding of how easy and laid back her job really is. 

Upon arriving at work, she first watched an episode of Paw Patrol with the kids. 

She and the youngest child, Hampton, then dropped off the children to school before heading over to Starbucks to get “a little fall drink and a little cake pop”. 

They then went to visit her personal trainer, where she did a gym session while Hampton simply played. 

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She continued: “After that I took a shower, put on a cute little dress. Why, do you ask? 

“Because we volunteered at the old folks home down the street, we sang, we danced, we bought flowers for the little old ladies.

“And then we immediately went home for a three hour nap. And guess who napped? Hampton and me.” 

Callie went on to explain that the house was “spotless” as the family had cleaners come over and the laundry was also done as “the laundry fairy came”. 

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She went on: “Now guess what we’re doing? We’re picking up his brothers from school.

“We’re going to go through the Chick-Fil-A line, get them a little snack snack snack and then I go home.” 

In the caption, she added: “Nanny vibes baby”. 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “Being a nanny for the rich *game changer*”. 

Another said: “The family I nannied for took me to Aruba and Disney and gave me unbelievable Christmas gifts. Later I paid it forward to our nanny,” followed by a heart emoji.

“My co-worker was a part-time nanny. The mom would Venmo her money for nail appointments and movies. She loved her job,” another revealed.

While a fourth added: “Nanny here.. FACTS!!! Down to the personal trainer lol.”

Some trolls have said they would never hire her as “if I’m paying I want the kids get educated every second”. 

She replied to this by revealing that she actually owns a business called Momma Concierge that is a subscription service for a full year’s worth of a curriculum. 


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“You get a box every month,” she said, adding that it’s for mums, nannies and caregivers. 

Impressed with how she hit back at the hater, one person wrote: “Boom!! You uno reversed their a**es! You go girl!!” 

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