I'm a stylist – the five items that are making you look 10 years older, and why you need to ditch the cowl scarves NOW | The Sun

WE all want to look younger, and often choose clothes and accessories we think will knock years off our actual age.

But we could be doing the exact opposite, according to one stylist, who has revealed the five items that are actually making you look a decade older.

Yuliana took to her TikTok page to share the biggest offenders, writing: "These items will age you and make your look outdated.

"Try to avoid them."

First up, midi skirts with buttons down the front, with Yuliana showing a model wearing a camel-coloured one with brown ankle boots.

Next on the list – sports sandals.

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Despite the fact it's much too cold to wear sandals at the moment, the sports-style ones can also age you, she warned.

Skinny jeans was another addition to the list.

Many stylists have deemed the skintight denims unfashionable in recent months, with wider-legged jeans or straight ones proving more on-trend at the moment.

While you should be leaving sports sandals at the very back of your shoe cupboard, your "outdated winter boots" should be pushed right back there too, according to Yuliana.

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Outdated platform shoes also made the rundown.

And she concluded her list by slamming the infinity-style cowl neck scarves – often referred to as snoods – that most people thought were an ageless accessory.

People took to to the comments section to weigh in on Yuliana's list, with one writing: "Cowl scarf is the most comfy and warm thing, no way I’m throwing it away".

"There are so many other types of scarves out there that are more modern," Yuliana replied.

"Like a simple big cashmere or woollen scarf."

I knitted my own cowl scarf out of humane alpaca and you want me to throw it away?" another questioned.

To which she responded: "No throwing away!

"But you can possibly make a regular scarf out of it which will look modern and stylish."

And others insisted you shouldn't pay attention to any videos like Yuliana's, and just wear what you want.

"People, if you love those boots, wear them, if love skinny jeans, wear them," someone commented.

"It’s your life, your decisions."

To which Yuliana replied: "Absolutely!

"I only show here outdated items in case you were considering buying them and were hesitating."

"Skinny jeans do not add ten years," another sighed.

With Yuliana responding: "Nothing adds 10 years.

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"But outdated items and outdated styling can really make you look older than you are."

"I'll wear whatever I want to wear, even when I become old," someone else insisted, with Yuliana calling it a "great strategy".

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