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A VET has revealed the five fog breeds he'd never personally want to own.

Ben Simpson-Vernon, 31, from Chigwell, Essex, explained how working in the veterinary industry has made him realise the dog breeds he'd never want to own due to a range of reasons – from health complications to having an aggressive nature.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@ben.the.vet), begins by explaining that the first breed on his list is the West Highland White Terrier.

"Ask any vet what dog breeds are most commonly affected by skin allergies and I guarantee the Westie will be near the top of their list," he says.

"You may have noticed they often have brown feet – that is not their natural coat colour, that is from saliva staining because their feet are itchy and they spend a lot of time licking them."

He goes on to say how they also have two health conditions named after them which he warns is "never a good sign."



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"The first is Westie lung, or pulmonary fibrosis, which is a condition where their lungs become scarred and they develop a cough and breathing difficulties," he explains.

"The second is Westie jaw, which commonly affects young Westies because they get all of this abnormal bone growth around their jaw and it's very painful."

Next up on Ben's list of breeds to steer clear of is the Neapolitan Mastiff.


"Now, I'm not a giant breed dog person anyway but I don't understand how anyone can live with this amount of drool," he explains.

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"If you've got carpet on your floor, surely your carpet must stink of drool.

"If you've got hard floors, then you must have to mop the floors multiple times a day because when they shake their head, drool goes everywhere.

"I just couldn't live with that – sorry!"

He goes on to say that drooling aside, the amount of loose skin they have on their head can be problematic.

"Their eyelids tend to be very loose, meaning some parts of the eyelid roll outwards leaving the eye exposed and other parts roll inwards, meaning hairs scrape on the surface of the eye which is often painful," Ben explains.

He notes how they often have to have surgery to remove loose skin to correct this problem.

Ben then moves on to discuss the Italian Greyhound.

"They're very elegant-looking dogs, they're just extremely fragile," he says.

"Their dainty limb bones are more vulnerable to fracture than those of most other dogs.

"Their skin is also very thin so they develop wounds very easily."

Also on Ben's list of dog breeds he wouldn't want to personally own is the German Shepherd.

"Although I've met many lovely ones, they do tend to be very protective of their owners," he says.

"So when they're in an unfamiliar surrounding like a veterinary practice, and they're feeling anxious, they can become very aggressive and reactive."

Ben goes on to say how they're also predisposed to a lot of health problems, including hip dysplasia.

Finally, he concludes by saying he'd never want to own a Bernese Mountain dog.

"They're what I'd call a heartbreak dog breed," he says.

"They tend to be really sweet natured and make great family dogs, but I can never bring myself to get one because of their horribly high risk of cancer….it kills 1 in 7 Bernese mountain dogs and it's called histiocytic sarcoma."

The post has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 3.3 million views and hundreds of comments from social media users – with very divided opinions.

"A Bernese mountain dog is my dream dog," wrote one.

A second penned: "I’m hugging my Bernese mountain dog right now. I love him so much."

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A third commented: "My Bernese mountain dog is the best decision I ever made. She’s 4 right now and very healthy. I am aware she’ll destroy me eventually."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I will forever be an Italian Greyhound owner. They're precious little dogs."

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