I've been wearing my top the wrong way around for a year, it's actually a backless sweater, I thought it exposed a lot | The Sun

EVERY woman has had at least one item in their wardrobe that confused them.

After finally finding the perfect top to wear under her sweater, one woman made a hilarious discovery.

In her video, Poppy (@poppylaur) showed her followers the look she had created.

"Over a year ago, my friend gave me this shirt because she wasn’t going to wear it, it’s a sweater that has this big cutout on the front," she explained.

The TikToker held up a cream-colored sweater with what appeared to be a large cutout panel across the chest area.

"It’s been sitting in my closet for over a year because I was wondering ‘What would I pair this with?’" she told her audience.

Poppy pointed out the button closure detail along the turtleneck detail.

"So today I’m getting dressed and I’m like ‘Wait, what if I wear a little corset top under it? It’s going to look so cute,'" she said.

Poppy layered the sweater over a white lace sleeveless cropped corset top.

"This is adorable, this is so cute," she told viewers, modeling the DIY outfit.

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She explained that she layered the look with necklaces and even filmed some TikToks while wearing the sweater.

"I was like ‘This is so chic, it looks Victorian, I love this cutout,'" Poppy explained.

However, while she was on a FaceTime call with her girlfriend, she soon realized the style mistake she had made.

Poppy revealed that her partner told her: "Babe, you’re wearing it backward, it’s a backless sweater."

She pointed out the irony that she waited to wear the look because she couldn't figure it out only to put it wrong anyway.

Poppy flipped the sweater around to show her followers how it should be worn.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share how they think it's supposed to look.

"Double-sided backless sweater, babe, that is two tops in one!!!" joked one viewer.

"The buttons and tag placement say you were right. And super cute the combo you did!!!!" said another follower.

"I'm not going to lie when I first saw it, I figured it was a backless sweater, but I think it looks really cute both ways," commented a third person.

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